The Bible itself holds very little information in regards to demons and angels, and yet because they are such fun subjects, the theists have entire ceremonies, prayers and belief structures based on them. 
Nephilim are another interesting but barely mentioned supernatural being.
Why all the hush hush?
Why the general confusion?
The subject of Lucifer/Satan/The Snake is what first opened my eyes to the idea that something not quite be right in Jesus town. 
When I actually read the Bible, I realized that it didn't follow the things that I was being told in Sunday school. When I asked a pastor, I was basically told to shut up. 
Now, the "bad guys" of the Bible will of course have to evolve in popular culture to vilify the "good guys" of a competitive religion. That's just common sense in how you absorb other religions into your own.That I get. But where does the story of "The Fall" come from? Certainly not anything I read in the Bible. Do religious officials just make this shit up? 
WTF is up with angels? There is some seriously weird shit in the Bible concerning these guys. Multi-headed, angelic rape, human wrestling, ect. How did we as a culture start to picture them as little fat babies, or beautiful, sexy creatures?

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