I wanted to know any of you guys' thoughts on demon possessions. What do you make of stories like the possessions of Clara Germana Cele, Roland Doe or, more recently, "Julia"? 

What spurned my curiosity was a recent occurrence that I'm loosely connected to. A family that I know contacted my father, a reverend, to bless their house because they believe it's haunted. Every family member has claimed to have seen and heard strange things. The mother says she's seen a girl appear randomly in different parts of the house; they all say that their TV turns on and off of its own accord; the father says that a shadow has appeared over him multiple times (not sure what that means; he didn't know how else to explain it); they say they've seen things move of their own accord; and finally, the exact day my father was supposed to go over there for the blessing he got a call shortly before he was going to leave- the house caught on fire; the investigators say it was a dryer fire. 

The family attributes all these things to a set of figurines their daughter has of Santo de Muerte. They say when she got them and started messing with them, that's when it all started. 

Anyways, I'm just curious to hear what you guys think of stories like that. Also, have any of you heard or experienced anything similar?

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My wife would pay 'good money' for an invisible entity who cleaned the house.  :^ )

Possessions in general are pretty much imagination after hearing stories or watching movies. Most of us are all grown up now, and after watching a movie or hearing a scary story, we all know it's just make believe. Except for some..IE religious people. Like Reg the fronkey farmer said..Christians are really easy to fool in small numbers. And I think that goes for all religious people...very easy to fool.

Most of the reality shows on television pertaining to paranormal activity have been dropped due to poor Nielsen ratings. Go figure.


The house I grew up in was haunted. Everyone in the family had seen the late night shadowy presence, including my wife the first night she slept there (though she was completely ignorant of the phenomena.) I don't believe it for a minute though I do expect there is some rational explanation behind it, as there have been for other "supernatural" occurrences in the house.

Creepy! Would you guys see it at the foot of your beds or something?

Actually, "he" would be leaning on the door frame, watching the bed.

This demon stuff is religious nonsense. In some houses flats & old historic castles, where there has been murders, torture or loud  arguments ; the energy from this actually enters the walls & roofs, this energy can be triggered by people walking thru the area.

Ah, the old psychic energy ploy.


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