What's the best definition of God that you guys can come up with or find?

I came up with this one: 

"God: a literary device (used mostly in fantasy) to bypass the laws of physics and nature in order to speed up the writing process." 
Modern Example: Eru from "The Silmarillion" by JRR Tolkien.
The traditional example you all know. 

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god: synonymous with deity, it is a device typically used by humans to explain things in nature or life that are misunderstood or unexplained; deities are also quite often used by individuals or groups to scare, suppress, or otherwise control individuals or groups in society

**see also: myth

That's my stab at it; what do you think?

Yeah, it's like the God-of-the-gaps theory.. Very true

As we make discoveries, we not only gain specific knowledge, but we also come to realize that there is knowledge yet existing to be discovered.   The sum body of this knowledge in waiting is 'god', and therefore 'god' is our own ignorance.  As the unknown approaches (perhaps a boy or a girl, or perhaps the result of a medical test), the answer already exists and we await the revelation of knowledge from 'god'; we await the enlightenment from our ignorance.

The only argument for the existence of gods is ignorance.  In point of fact, god is the reflection of our ignorance; and god is eternal.

I would just like to point out that The Silmarillion is a FAR better read than the Bible... much more descriptive when it comes to the HOW things were created part.

YES!!! PRECISELY... Another example of the creation surpassing the creator. Tolkien has a superb narrative style compare to 'god's' (he must be rolling in his grave because I wrote that (^_^). Love him though.)

God: When your hopes or dreams come true he is the reason.  When they are denied, he has other plans. When you lose your job, he has a better one in store for you.  When you get a new job, god helped.  When you are going through tough times and they end, god was there.  When a loved one is sick and pulls through, god did it.   When a loved one is ill and dies, god took him.

In shorter words...

If, then god.  If not, then god. (both positive)

That's kind of a trick question. As Noam Chomsky once said, "...I can't even call myself an "atheist" because it is not at all clear what I'm being asked to deny." 

How does one define something one doesn't believe exists? How does one deny the existence of something they can't define? Surely it's up to believers to define exactly what it is they believe in and their reasons for doing so. If I declare a definition for the god I don't believe in a believer could say, "Well, that isn't the god I believe in" (and many do).

Regardless of the lack of a clear definition for a god I'm happy to call myself an atheist (in the broadest sense) because I have yet to hear a compelling or convincing case for the existence of any of the gods I've ever heard of.

Oh that's easy... A mythical deity, like all the other ones.

Hey M.B.,


I do not think it is possible to define god in any sufficient sense.


- kk

I, like many, if not all, of us, agree that defining god is simply futile. Defining god it's like defining what a "bakrarul" is. Of course I just made that up. But, that's the whole point: it's made up. God did not create humans in his/hers/its own image, it was the other way around; and it infuriates many of us, if not all again, that such imaginary fiend (>_<) insist on directing our lives. Besides, it was a very interesting and amusing exercise and I enjoyed everyone's responses, and I dare say that others did too (^_^)

I think what everyone here is approaching but not fully broaching is that defining god is a self-defeating process: god is supposed to be everything outside of our capacity to understand, so how could we possibly define it?  In other words, by definition, god cannot have a definition.  Anything else is an anthropomorphism, metaphor, or just incomplete.

I will say I'm glad I haven't seen "God is love" in this thread.  That sentence makes me want to kill puppies.

Hey erik,


That is very similar to my rationale for saying that "god" is inherently undefined.


- kk


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