Thank's to Reg's most recent Sunday school I read an article which discusses Deepak's most recent attention seeking youtube trolling video

I think it's great that an award is being offered to anyone who can explain the biological basis for a thought. Neuro-researchers of all kinds aren't even close to giving a confident answer. So the more motivation for current researchers the better.

However his challenge is not benevolent. From a deep sense of insecurity he is taunting those who laugh at his quantum woo by laughing at the ignorance that plagues scientists investigation how the mind works. However there are several massive problems with what he is doing:

1: 1,000,000 isn't enough of an incentive. This is something that is currently being researched by many groups in many universities and many many millions have already been spent on it and millions more will be spent. But he will never give away the money even if we find a confident answer. He'll always be able to woo his way out of anything.

2: He implies that since no one can give a confident answer now ... it cannot be done. But most scientists and neuro-philosophers admit that no one can yet confidently explain the biological basis of a thought. In fact they can also admit that there is a long way to go. But they can all demonstrate the progress made and potential models which are based on empirical evidence.

3. He implies that since we cannot give a confident explanation per neuro-science ... that his quantum woo is valid.

The last one is the big stinking whopper. There is a fundamental difference between what scientists are progressing towards and what Deepak languishes in. Scientists are trying to understand consciousness. Deepak is trying to sell his books and his services. Scientists are basing their models on a sound understanding of physics, neuro-psychology, biology etc. Deepak is basing his model on poetry. Scientists may one day have a confident explanation of consciousness. Deepak won't and will probably spend most of his time making stupid youtube videos and will make even more money off of the gullible. Even with his new crusty persona.

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Interesting article. He might as well ask what it feels like to stand on the surface of the sun. Perhaps he can save his money and go find out for himself. And take this thug entourage with him. Ever notice how he, and others, have dozens around him and more "cousins" than anyone else. I bet their pockets are as deep as a  black hole and their hands are sprayed with glue.

Chopra owned by some guy in the audience:


I'd buy that man a beer!

This is just my opinion (for what it's worth) but I honestly believe the answers lie in the field of Chemistry.

Are Chemists's working on this too? Or are they too busy with other matters.

The answer is chemical IMHO...

Does anyone know if there is ANY research being done like that?

I really don't know. It has to be chemical. There are SO many reasons why I believe this is true.

We'll see I guess...

The word you're looking for is probably neuro-bio-chemistry :)



....wait a minute...

You could try this for accuracy: Chopra Meme Generator.

Just a sample:

"The unpredictable inspires great human observation"

"Your consciousness is at the heart of quantum observations"

"The future is mirrored in boundless facts"

Whoever coded that algorithm must have tapped into the 7th level of Quantum Awareness. :)

I think many of us have been tempted to write a Chopra style book as a joke to see how easy it is to publish it. And we all equally fear how lost in that world we would get once it started selling.

Brian wrote a parody one called "Wish it, Want it. Do it". Here is the Interview. Enjoy!!


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