I have seen how patient you regulars are with theists or those confused about other forms of BS. And you give reasoned replies without vituperation no matter how ignorant, stupid, willful, illogical, or irrational the person is. 


Has any such visitor ever acknowledged having been persuaded that their beliefs were wrong?

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Good point....the ones the anger is directed TOWARDS, never seem to recognize WHY the people were angry in the FIRST PLACE.


Yes...there is some confusion. But others know quite well what the marginalised are angry about but they don't care (or think they have no right to be angry) and amongst the worst...that they should be silenced by threats and arrests and insults and conservative talk radio smearing and even violence. If some rights have been gained...many expect the group who were granted some rights to be happy with that and shut up now.

Why are you atheists so angry??


Not a fan of Greta Christina.

i don't think anyone would change his beliefs after reading a post for 5 minutes or watching a 3 minutes video on youtube .. however these act like rocks that disturb the peaceful mind of his own, they make the one become skeptical about stuff, start questioning things and realize how irrational his thought s might be .. sooner or later the cumulative effect will convert him.

I was a Christian when I joined TA and then became an atheist because of TA and now....I don't know what the fuck I am lol

I don't try to De-convert believers.  As Forest Gump's Mommy said "Stupid is as Stupid does." Life is short, why waste time trying to fix the stupid in others?  I waste enough time trying to fix my own stupid. :)


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