The atheist response to the text of the Bible is based primarily upon the young earth creationist interpretation, which is flawed. If I put myself objectively in the position of the atheist attempting to debunk the Bible I would start with Genesis Chapter 1. The Chapter passed the inspection of this former atheist.

The Hebrew verb consists of two different states. The perfect state indicates an action which is complete, whereas the imperfect state indicates a continuous or incomplete action.

At Genesis 1:1 the word bara, translated as created, is in the perfect state, which means that at this point the creation of the heavens and the Earth were completed. Later, as in verse 16 the Hebrew word asah, translated as made, is used, which is in the imperfect state, indicating continuous action. The heavens and Earth were created in verse 1 and an indeterminate time later they were being prepared for habitation, much the same as a bed is manufactured (complete) and made (continuous) afterwards.

What this means is that the creation was complete even before the six "days" of creation even began, in fact, later verses in the chapter reveal it was more than likely a long time in between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2.

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Do you realize you have not settled the god issue. just give the evidence that this particular god exists and we will go with you all the way.

Now either man up and say, guys, for that me have no evidence but I'd like you guys to help me with some misconceptions I have.

You said you want to debunk YEC, tell me Dave, have you met one here? Unless you are looking for material to use to do that, I think you really are confused to the core. 

You keep avoiding the central issue, shifting goalposts as my former president used to say of donors, which is does this god you purport to speak for exist? Are you going to give an answer or not, that is the question everything else like Hebrew, Greek are all side issues.

Then all you have to do, David - and who's being obtuse now? - is substitute Jehovah (which of course is a misnomer) or any other god of your choice, whom you believe "created the heaven and the earth," provide tangible, verifiable evidence of his/her/it's existence, and we're good to go --

Exactly. As I said previously, your atheist "challenge" is stillborn.

Yes. I got that, Archy.


Wait, I have a problem at the 3rd word. Have we established that there was a beginning?

It appears he was given a free pass at the third word, but lets hold our horses, he should provide evidence for the fourth word and then we are game

To Marc and Onyango,

Seriously? I hate to do this and normally I wouldn't. If you don't want to or have the time to read the links I provide I understand, but I offer them none the less.

Food for thought.

Proof That God Exists


Evidence For God's Existence

To me, these efforts don't do much. I honestly don't think I think or ever thought of this subject like you do. Certainly not from a scientific standpoint.


You are doing poorly and I know why you are avoiding the question. I have looked at the first link and it is a rewriting of Kalam Cosmological Argument , WLC favourite argument. 

Gen 1:1 makes two positive claims, one there was a beginning and two there is a god. This is what we are asking you to do, since to the best of my ability there was no memo, you started this blog without any prompt from us, you have to present the evidence then we will continue to Gen 1:2.

Is this simple enough for you to understand or how I may to make it any clearer?

That first link is too much for my influenza-addled brain to go through completely.  It lost me when it gave me two imperfect choices, presented out of context and without the qualifiers they must have.  That is not proof - it is word games, trickery that might work with unarmed minds, but not with mine.

RE: "my influenza-addled brain" - have some twizzlers and a beer, you'll be good as new in no time!

Is that the solution?  I've been praying for relief, even thinking of offering my first-born as a sacrifice - the smell pleases the Lord, you know.  All I have to do is have Twizzlers and beer?  Geez..  I had sour cherry gummy things,  smooth minty nonpareils, and sweet tarts, as well as orange juice, but nothing helped.  Ok, back to the candy store...

"God is an ever-receding pocket of scientific ignorance, that gets smaller and smaller as time goes on."

-- Neil Degrasse Tyson --


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