Let’s take a look at two popular creationists on youtube. One of them

Jezuzfreek777, and the other Venomfangx. Now I’ve only watched a couple of each one’s videos, but I can already tell the massive differences between each independent person.


Venomfangx is only looking to convert skeptics into believers (I will leave a screenshot in the photos below); whereas Jezuzfreek has made it clear the he has skeptical friends, and wishes to primarily have intellectually stimulating conversations Look at this video called "Who wants atheists for friends";



"To understand each other's point of view rather than being hostile".-Jeezuzfreek


That to me just makes it apparent that Venomfangx is only interested in winning the conversations, that he has no intentions of embarking upon mature discussions without restricting his friendships merely because of beliefs.


There are those who are stubborn, and then there are those who like a challenge. Besides, without theists there would BE NOTHING good to debate about! It's just that some people don't know how to argue properly in the fucking first place. I mean if someone isn't going to budge regardless of facts then it becomes rather pointless to argue with them. But there are still creationists out there who are willing to have open discussions without getting all butt-hurt about it.


I have my reasons for debating, but they are definitely NOT to convert christians. 



“What is the point in criticizing religion? I mean I don’t believe in Santa Clause, but I don’t ponder day in and try to debunk the existence of him”.


Santa doesn’t cause suicide bombers to crash into the twin towers, Santa doesn’t spread hate towards gay marriage (Even though Black people couldn’t drink from the same fountains as us, or how women couldn’t vote) then go fuck an alter boy (Hypocrisy and Ignorance), Santa doesn’t say no to abortion clinics (Even though it’s vital in some cases) Santa doesn’t make you get on your knees or threaten you with eternal torment for not believing in him. I almost feel like replacing the word “Santa” with “Satan”, because at least Satan seems like a pretty intelligent and nice imaginary friend/Good excuse for everything peaceful in this world. It’s the fucking people, and I like to debate because I have every god damn reason in the world to.





I don't think that by simply expressing my opinions, and by asking questions to the public that I'm shoving my beliefs down anyone's throat. 



If God really does... Give us "Free choice", then why would I burn for not believing in the first place? It's like pointing a gun to my head and telling me I have a choice.

Some say it's loaded, others not. I say there is no hooded figure holding a gun.

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