Debate Guidelines for T/A Discussions.

Welcome to Think Atheist!

Within the community there are various people of different beliefs,
ideas and backgrounds. To streamline discussions and debates, here is a
list of guidelines to follow:
These actions will result in immediate banning:

1) Threats of physical violence.

2) Revealing personal information about another member without prior permission.
These are NOT considered legitimate responses in discussions:

1) -Circular Reasoning-

2) -Ad Hominem in all forms-

3) –Thread Hijacking. (If your contribution is off topic and likely to
divert from the author’s intended subject matter, please start your own
discussion in its rightful category.)

4) -Don't post if you haven't read the other responses.

5) -Authors of Blogs and Discussions deleting posts:

The 'delete post' option for authors is the primary means of dealing with spam and trolls. It was never intended for and NOT to be used for intellectual dishonesty. We are a society of free thinkers, and
that means quite simply that no one has the right to censor or delete
the voice of another. This feature is included to take the pressure off
of moderators and keep our site clean of bots. It is NOT to give
censorship and silencing abilities to authors that can't handle
conflicting opinions. If you can only accept words that agree with your
own, you should not be posting on a public forum. 
Further, one should carefully consider deleting their own posts. Keep in mind that other members of this community know how to take and save screen shots. No one ever wants to eat their own words. Use caution
when retracting your own posts.

PROFANITY will likely result in you being blocked or ignored by others
in the community, even those you were not specifically addressing. We
are here to discuss in a mature fashion. Those that cannot do so are
invited to go elsewhere. Mods can delete posts whenever necessary.
Likewise, please label any content NSFW (Not Safe for Work) that contains excessive profanity or nudity.

Thank you!

Morgan Matthew

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