How did you come to terms with the idea of nothing happening after you die?
I still have issues with the fact that one day I'm just going to shut down like a PC and that's it. I'm not expecting an afterlife, heaven, hell and all that made-up bullshit, but I still can't fully accept it.

Some suggestions, own experiences would really be helpful.

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All that you are and the things you have on, in the memories of the people you have loved. 

I agree,

When you die, basically you become a meme.

A friend told me "You live as long as the last person that remembers you dies"

but we are all the same in that if we choose free thot then we can choose to worry about shit we cant control or we can choose to not worry about shit we cant control.. choice is powerful...and to be scared is to be alive


Exactly, Janis!

Have you ever been anesthetized with Sodium Pentathol? That's what it will be like.
No, I haven't. :)
I don't know... It's never really bothered me. I actually like thinking that I'm part of such an old, old cycle-- the life cycle. I hope my organs can go to someone still alive who needs them. I hope my ashes can nourish a garden. I won't care that I'm dead. My capacity for worrying about that will be nil. It doesn't mean the dying process isn't scary to me. I just don't think actually being dead will be much of a big deal.
The thought that I would not be here anymore to plant any trees/flowers makes me worry.
I used to be bothered by it when I was a Theist, but it doesn't anymore. The way I think of it is that nonexistence didn't bother me before I was born. So why should it bother me after I'm dead. After all, I'll cease to be so there's no pain a eternity to worry about. Sure I do regret that this wonderful journey know as life will one day end. But it is what it is, so I choose to make the most of the days I have. I also find these words from Professor Dawkins quite inspiring.

Don't mean to further derail, but The Ancestor's Tale was the best. ;-)

That was an amazing part.  Do you have the whole link? 


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