I definitely do NOT believe in a god.

I was wondering what would happen to us after death..

Has anyone on T | A ever died? Literally died and come back to life..?

I was just wondering if you could describe the feeling of being dead >.<  Because if its dark and quiet and peaceful..I wont mind (:

Yes I know I won't be having any thoughts therefore I wouldn't be living but just curious about the end is all. 

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A brain can still function for a short time without the heart and I am usually unconscious when I am dreaming.
I might not believe in souls but I think its possible for you to have hallucinations that make you feel as if you were out of you're out of body.. Also people having the same dreams... Or just dreaming of the future and it coming true.. Its happened to people and Im not really sure if science can explain that (; Hallucinations and delusions..Bahh I believe in some fairy tales (;
I was moving around freely and interacting with my environment as if I were awake during the period I was not conscious. I remember it vividly and I do not connect it to some sort of spiritual episode. These things have been well understood and researched, there is no need to be badgering me like you are. I'm not claiming anything other than it happened and that it's able to be explained rationally.
I think the best way to describe being dead is what someone said earlier, Try to remember before you were born. Its not possible.. You just kind of..come into existence and start interacting with life. Seems silly but its very true. It really answers my question.
If you've read Carl Sagan's, "Broca's Brain", and remember the last chapter, titled, "The Amniotic Universe", then you've got one good explanation for OBEs and religiosity in general. His explanation of the connection between the birth experience, religion and death is not only plausible, it's poetic.

Think of the common refrains in gospel music . . . "He lifted me", "Was blind but now I see", "I saw the light" . . . the one thing they have in common is the sensations of birth. And it's only sensations we can remember -- and even then, only vaguely, in dreams or nightmares. That's because of the blank slates of our newborn minds. We lacked the experience for symbolism, so that first experience is only vaguely remembered as sensations. Many of our nightmares are really just birth dreams: claustrophobic, unnerving, sensations. The afterbirth: the immediate period after exiting the vaginal canal, is nirvana compared to the strenuous birth-experience itself. Those first moments, bathed in light, is what the baptismal rebirth experience is all about: spirituality sparked by a single experience -- birth.

Which leads me to wonder what percentage of atheists were born by Cesarian section. Could it be that one's religiosity is directly tied to the birth experience? Could it be that most atheists were denied the torture immediately preceding birth? If you can't have heat without cold or high without low, can you appreciate the joy of birth without the pain that precedes it?

It even occurs to me that the rise in the number of atheists might be related to rise in the numbers of Cesarian sections performed in the industrialized, Western world.

I know I've been speaking as if all this is true. That's just because I'm chasing a flow of thought. But it is something that's crossed my mind.

Could there be a correlation?
It even occurs to me that the rise in the number of atheists might be related to rise in the numbers of Cesarian sections performed in the industrialized, Western world.

I squirmed my way to freedom through the vaginal canal, buddy! ;-)
Im a c-section..But that has nothing to do with me being an athiest.. My mom is very religious still though. >.>
Your penial gland produces DMT, the strongest hallucinogen in the world..when you dream normally you are tripping on it.. So Its no wonder some people have OBE's (; don't you think?


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