Hypothetically, if I claimed to be God or any sort of deity, what sort of proof would I need other than performing miracles?

It is to my understanding that asking for proof will not go well since that is questioning God, and god doesn't need to prove himself to anyone.. but without asking how would you know

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I don't know how it would prove I am God. It seems that it's a fairly popular explanation amongst theists.



How to be a God.

Make a world that takes you 6 days even though you have infinte power.

Make things.

Make things that destroy your first things.

Give the first things things to defend themselves against the second things.

Destroy Humanity, but feel sorry enough to let one strange group of rejects to live and repopulate the planet.

Favour one group other the others and kill the others off.

Deny the one true Truth to those who accidentily happen to live on the otherside of the planet where your chosen bronzeaged people cannot possible get to in order to tell them the truth.

Inpregnate yourself in a jewish virgin's uterus without asking or considering your own ethnics.

Kill yourself to redeem humanity's 'sins' that you define beforehand just to 'forgive' them.

Disappear for 2000 years.

Destroy the World as you said you would in an book that caused suffering and not only stopped but put back scientific development for over a thousand years.

Thats hilarious! I really like it.
Hmm, I see now. I have a ton of work ahead of me then!
epic win.

Now we need the nuclear launch codes.


The mormons worked hard to repress this video. They are a bizarre bunch.


Turns out they are quite racist too.

that was entertaining... lol
Wow, just wow.
Ya I knew they weird but not this bad. This is as bad as sceintology. Although "cursed to be born with black skin" is just really, really bad.
I never knew that black skinned was actually a curse from god. Terrible
Ya its one of the most racist religions I have heard of in recent years. They truly believe the whiter, the holier. Not surprising a quick google search for "Mormon leadership" turned up no one not white or female.


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