I think the hardest part of deconverting is dealing with the fact that this is it. After being told from a young age that you will live for eternity after you die, it is sometimes hard to face reality that existance is much much shorter than originally thought. How do you all deal with this fact and get in the right mindset to best handle it?

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You're not crazy at all Giakorina, to believe that where you will spend eternity depends entirely on the whim of some capricious god has to be frightening.

I find it liberating to no longer be worried about the afterlife. I also have a much higher appreciation for life. I even became a lot more motivated to do the things I want and experience the things I want. I learned to care more about what the people important to me thought of me as well, because the only thing I would leave behind is what people remember me by. Obviously, I don't want to die. I want lots of time to do everything I want, and that's what makes me enjoy life. If I were worried about getting into heaven or hell, I wouldn't enjoy my time here half as much. 

I've thought about this a lot, and at my young age I don't think I can get into the right mindset until I have more experience in life, because I think that if you haven't experienced much in life, then how can you understand death? Personally I think the main reason that people still believe in a diety is because they're too scared to die, hence why I see many people who profess to be xians are total hypocrites, any why theists will do anything and go to the extreme in their beliefs, just so they can earn a spot in heaven.

There's nothing to understand. We understand things by relating them to experiences we've had, but death is not an experience. Dying is an experience. Death is not.

Here is another major problem. You have no moral standard by which to live- Your morals may conflict with someone else and who is right? The one with the biggest gun. The 20th century proved that,

And yet there are far more theists in prison than atheists - go figure --

@Dave Stallworth

Your childish assertions have already been debunked over and over, and yet here you are, spewing them over again in obstinate ignorance.  I've already said that even with a god-delusion, your morals are simply written by the conmen that run your cult.  Those morals change from sect to sect, from Yahweh to Allah, so there is no basis for them.  Rationality is more likely to produce homogeneous ethics/morals/laws.

Why do you pretend that none of your points have ever been addressed?  Why don't you ever respond to the rebuttals to your elementary apologetics?

Your childish assertions have already been debunked over and over, and yet here you are, spewing them over again in obstinate ignorance.

I remember a philosophy class where one student who was arguing with the professor over some point, kept raising the same objection over and over slightly reworded or worded into a form that meant exactly the same thing. The professor got a laugh by saying that the student was "engaging in an attempted proof by repetition." Theists do this all the time.

I know what you mean - I hate redundancy, I hate redundancy!

Report all redundancy in duplicate to the Department of Redundancy Department.

If Christians have a moral compass, why is there so little consistency even among Christians? Some allow female clergy, some don't. Some will marry gays, some won't. Some are for capital punishment, some deplore it. Some believe in beating disobedient children, some don't.

WHERE the HELL is the evidence of a compass?

Then there are Christians, Muslims and Jews (oh my!) who believe in the same god, but disagree across the board on more issues than they agree on.


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