I think the hardest part of deconverting is dealing with the fact that this is it. After being told from a young age that you will live for eternity after you die, it is sometimes hard to face reality that existance is much much shorter than originally thought. How do you all deal with this fact and get in the right mindset to best handle it?

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Well, but that is not the eternity awaiting a Christian, for example. Instead of what you described you'd be lounging around in a green pasture on a blanket eating heavenly food, observing the lion lying next to the lamb, with pieties from God or Jesus being broadcast over a PA system.

If you're a male Islamist, you can throw in some charming and willing underage virgins as well. Oh, and subtract the Jesus part.

Still sounds horrifying - no matter how great an experience might be, infinite repetitions of it would be a nightmare.

Well, maybe God suppllies plenty of porn, alcohol and drugs to ease the sheer heart attack boredom.

no matter how great an experience might be, infinite repetitions of it would be a nightmare.

You mean you would actually grow weary of giving Yaweh his daily foot massage and pedicure? What an ingrate!

LOL - yup

the entire cosmos would be like a 6 X 8 grey prison cell.  There would be no one with whom to talk - for everything would have already been said.  There would be nothing left to read or learn - all would be known.  At that point, eternity wouldn't even be started yet, and the next trillion trillion trillion years would be more than I could bear.

@ Heather - It may be possible to be happy eternally, if your brain was somehow wired or controlled to make you forget experiences so that things are new again and again and again. Kind of like an eternal groundhog day lol.

I'm up for it.

I love it! It makes me nervous thinking about existing for longer than 100 years. I just hope I leave behind happy children.

The truth is I'm glad there is no eternal life. I've never been so arrogant or self deceiving as to think, when I die I'm going to heaven because I really deserve it. I've always been bad about holding grudges, arguing with my parents, per-marital sex, fighting, etc. I'd be at the top of the list to ride the hell bound gray hound. it's good that it's all a load of crap then for me at least.

When I realized that there was probably no god, I was in your place. I felt uneasy having a mindset that disagreed with most of the population. But then I watched a video called, Science Saved my Soul. It made me feel so much better.

Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6w2M50_Xdk

I hope it helps,


PattyJ - great link, thanks!

Gold, Patty, is one of the heavier elements, and does not occur naturally. Here's what I mean by that:

The original stars were comprised entirely of hydrogen. As the nuclear processes within a star "burns" hydrogen, it fuses hydrogen atoms into helium, a slightly heavier element. When stars above the size of 2.5 times the mass of our own sun, explode, as they must, that helium is blown out into space where, over time, it becomes gravitationally compressed to form another large star, which fuses the helium atoms to form yet heavier elements.

It takes the Supernovae of three successive stars, each contributing their elements to the building of the next star, to finally create the materials necessary to form a star whose planets can contain the element, gold.

That means, Patty, that the atoms that comprise you and I were not only compressed into the singularity that became the Big Bang, but were also present in the three giant stars that, one by one, exploded, then collected again to eventually form our own solar system, and us. Can you see how incredible it is that those elements just happened to be collected into the debris that formed this planet, rather than Saturn, or Jupiter, or Mercury, and came together under just the right circumstances to cause life to occur, and eventually, for you and I to be born?

We are all, as the late Carl Sagan once phrased it, "star stuff," and it is to that, that we will one day return.

Pretty amazing, isn't it?


PattyJ - here's one for you --


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