So I have been working at an insurance agency for four months already. This is my first job. My boss and all of my coworkers are insanely religious. They even keep the music in the agency on the religious radio station and it drives me insane because it is literally the same songs over and over every single day.
My coworker was saying yesterday how customers will sometimes give her religious pamphlets and magazines and whatnot and that she just accepts those and carries on with her life.
I told my mother that if a customer offered me anything religious or tried speaking to me about religion that I would tell them that I am an Atheist. My mother said that I should not do that. That I could cause my boss to lose customers and that my boss might even fire me.

I just need more opinions. I'm 21, immature, and this is my first job.
What would you guys do?
What should I do?!

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I had no idea that the office was going to be that religious. Everyone always talks about religion and I honestly had no idea people even talked about religion at work! When I went to interview with my boss I did notice that her business card holder was one with a religious quote but I thought nothing of it. -_-

That can get on my nerves really fast. If you be nice about it, they'll just keep bringing it up. Be really blunt about it, no one will bother you or hand out these pamphlets to you.  The problem is people will evil eye you all the time, or probably talk abotu you behind your back. Can you handle that? If not and if you choose to stay you have to try really hard to block everything out.

Mhmm, thanks for the advice!

They can fire her at any time, without reason if it's an "at will" employment agreement. In any case, they can fire her for some other trumped up issue if they want to protect themselves from litigation.

Do the staff pray that the insurance policies that clients take out never need to be used? I mean if they really are so religious and pray so fervently then nobody would ever have a need to claim as their god would stop accidents happening. Does the actuarial department pray or use statistics?

My reaction would be of the militant kind so it would not make for good advice :-)..

Hahaha! You're funny! :]

My advice would be to keep quiet about being an atheist. Just smile and nod (and then you can come on here and tell us all the wacky stuff your co-workers and customers say).

Haha, thank you! :]

There is no problem so lntractable as to not be amenable to the judicious applecation of high explosives.

Hm. I'm not sure I understood that. :/

Translation: Make them go boom.

LOL thanks.


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