So I have been working at an insurance agency for four months already. This is my first job. My boss and all of my coworkers are insanely religious. They even keep the music in the agency on the religious radio station and it drives me insane because it is literally the same songs over and over every single day.
My coworker was saying yesterday how customers will sometimes give her religious pamphlets and magazines and whatnot and that she just accepts those and carries on with her life.
I told my mother that if a customer offered me anything religious or tried speaking to me about religion that I would tell them that I am an Atheist. My mother said that I should not do that. That I could cause my boss to lose customers and that my boss might even fire me.

I just need more opinions. I'm 21, immature, and this is my first job.
What would you guys do?
What should I do?!

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Religious pamphlets can be a lot of fun. Make sure you recycle them. I tend to keep my viewpoint on religion private at work. Mostly for my own good.

Thanks for the advice, Ed.

Choose your battles wisely. If rocking the boat sets well with you then speak your mind, but be prepared to endure the consequences. Life isn't fair and especially not in the workplace. 

It's so annoying, Ed. But I'll just have to deal with it in the meantime.

I hope you find a solution to the problem. In the mean time ... consider looking for a different job. Working in a toxic environment will definitely wear you down over time. There's no doubt you can find an office eventually where your colleagues aren't forcing an agenda down your throat or upsetting you enough to have to ask people's advice online.

I have told my mother about this job already wearing me down! I don't do anything there anyway. I want action not just sitting in an office staring out the window and listening to crazy music for 3 hours sometimes.

I personally have changed the radio station but then later I found out that it's our boss who changes the station...

There are many things one must do to get along at work and put on a good face for the sake of the company. Take the pamphlets, smile sweetly, then ignore them. Then perhaps go looking for another job that is not so annoying to you.

You're right. Thanks for the advice.

The truth is if you be nice about it, it will just keep happening. Worse of all, the intensity will magnify, because they will see you that you're not being defensive about it and they will not leave you alone. DO NOT take the "nice" approach. It can't cost your job, because for one thing there are no grounds to fire you. 

I've thought about not taking the nice approach but it's a bit difficult to do that. :/

Most of the time you can't be nice about it. Some people just can't take no for an answer. In any case you're free to move to another job. I imagine that you knew what you were getting yourself into though, right? 


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