Dealing with guilt from past religious "transgressions"

I've had such a great experience so far on this site that I figured this would be the first place I would come for advice on this matter.  In my past, I was a christian - if you've seen my introductory post on my background you'll understand, if not I was a fundie raised person surrounded by devout people.  I've lived and breathed the baptist doctrine and now I'm becoming incensed.  I've been a non-believer, Atheist for about 5 years now but am starting to deal with the consequences of religion, and my actions during that time.

I've said horrible things to homosexuals, other atheists, and even other religious sects.  Of course it's the same things you've read about on here, "you're going to hell", "homosexuality is a disease", "Catholics got it all wrong and are going to hell" and so on.  I have a horrible guilt trip for these words.  If I was even able to track down each of those individuals how many would even accept an apology or much less care? 

It feels better to write about it, but how would you feel if you realized that someone had said those things to you previously and you found out that they had come to their senses.  Assuming I could even find some of them should I even bother to reach out or do you think it's moot? 

I'm thinking more about the Atheists and homosexuals that I have dealt with in the past.  The Catholics can go to hell still. 

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why would Catholics go to "hell" if you don't believe in one? and are you not still being hateful? hmmm good luck!

Sorry, that was tongue in cheek and doesn't translate well in text.  Don't get me wrong, I believe all religion is a fairy tale along with hell, but I'm not going to try and justify my comments to them.  It's like apologizing for denying the Easter Bunny while claiming Santa is very much real.


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