So I have a ton of religious friends, but it seems to me that the ones that get so upset that I'm atheist are my Christian friends. Lately, tons of people have been trying to cram their beliefs onto me, and trying to show me  "God" and make me believe. I think it's such BULLSHIT!  I've been atheist since i was around 16 and never once tried to make people change religions, or to believe in this or that.  Since I've been under attack by so many friends, I usually post up on my Facebook Daily about all the new corrupt stuff I find about religion.


Recently, i found this article... ""


talks about a Catholic Persist pleading guilty to child molestation. I posted it up, and said "YAY FOR CHURCH" and this is the message I got from one of my friends. 


"Hey Bran all this stuff that your posting about the bible is pretty hurtful to Johnny and I. I mean we understand that you have your own personal opinion. but when you post it , It really cuts deep for us. Johnny and I both are christians."


This pisses me off, what they hell do they expect me to say or do about it?


Then they offer for me to go to church with them wednesday and sunday... FUCK THAT!




srry for the rant, but I'm sure a lot of you have dealt with the same type of thing.

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What's really amusing is that your Christian (hmmm... not catholic) friends are upset about you posting the story, and not upset about clergy raping children? If they are 'good' Christians shouldn't they want to know when something like this happens, and exposes a wolf among the lambs? Maybe they should direct their ire towards the deserving party.

I am dealing with my own FB religious drama. I will post it when I get to a computer.
My advice to you is to WAIT!
Don't answer while you are upset. Don't play into the angry-atheist stereotype. Have an honest, rational discussion with them if you really think they are people worth having in your life.

I agree Misty,

@Brandon- Try to keep a cool head about it. If you value their friendship then be the rational bigger man.

Yeah it does suck. I posted 'happy zombie jesus day' on Facebook and pissed off tons of my family. It was pretty funny, but irritating at the same time. 


I think really all you can do is say look, religion, or lack thereof, is a PERSONAL decision, and if I want your opinion, I will ask for it. Otherwise, leave it alone.

They'll just say that the priest obviously wasn't a christian if he was acting that way. I find it makes them think a little more if you use 'internal' criticism, where you find inconsistencies and problems within the bible and doctrine itself.


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