This is a very interesting dichotomy proposed by our friend Professor Dawkins and brings to mind the whole, lesser of two evils argument. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


This post is from the discussion section of the Richard Dawkins Foundations for Reason and Science's discussion section. The link to the site is here.

Support Christian missions in Africa? No, but . . .

Given that Islam is such an unmitigated evil, and looking at the map supplied by this Christian site, should we be supporting Christian missions in Africa? My answer is still no, but I thought it was worth raising the question. Given that atheism hasn't any chance in Africa for the foreseeable future, could our enemy's enemy be our friend?


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The danger therein is their innate fear of others combined with a sensationalized threat from others, causing racism go through the roof.

It's a very delicate balance. There's not much data, just some slipped arguments from various public servants. I don't think hearing "yesterday we diffused a big bomb on the bus" would be reassuring and promote multiculturalism either. "Government of Some Country advises caution around muslims" type print is usually what we see in our papers.

While mostly just a few bad apples, Islam has perhaps some of the worst of the bad.


I suppose bad apples are one thing but explosive apples are in an entirely different league.

Things that go "pop" in the night.. Negative unpredictability creates fear.

I let this fear heighten my level of awareness of crazy people in general. They are in every group, not just amongst muslims. But I don't go bat shit crazy over this awareness either.

Yes, all cowards. But not as cowardly as those dreadfully silent 'moderate muslims', who stay quiet explicitly out of fear. We can all crtiticise our co-workers without fear of death can't we?

We can even criticise Christianity too, without thinking about geting beheaded. But now when it comes to Islam, it gets a bit touchy doesn't it. We wouldn't want to rock the boat there, let's leave them out of it,  god forbid we are labelled as rascist bigots.

Ok, so I assume that each Sunday you head off to the nearest church, a community you can blend into well, and after the service you mingle with the crowd and talk about how all the anti-gay stuff just seems so wrong, and how people should be voting for their economic interests rather by faith based value sets.  You do this every week? Tirelessly?  Because this is the sort of thing that you are asking of moderate Muslims, and then calling them cowards for not doing so?  Are you a coward too, by that analogy?

The problem is the alignment with the seedy elements to the far right. I can't demonstrate when there's a definate possibility that someone in the crowd has committed a violent crime only over religion.

Which actually makes the real problem: not all muslims share that feeling...

So are you suggesting we torture them all?
I just did a quote check on myself and my conclusion is no. The first one to suggest that was you.
And that suggestion is located where?

"So are you suggesting we torture them all?"

You are using something I never have said and driving it down reductio ad absurdum.


You have 'never said' that?

No. I haven't. As for your suggestion that I have:



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