This is a very interesting dichotomy proposed by our friend Professor Dawkins and brings to mind the whole, lesser of two evils argument. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


This post is from the discussion section of the Richard Dawkins Foundations for Reason and Science's discussion section. The link to the site is here.

Support Christian missions in Africa? No, but . . .

Given that Islam is such an unmitigated evil, and looking at the map supplied by this Christian site, should we be supporting Christian missions in Africa? My answer is still no, but I thought it was worth raising the question. Given that atheism hasn't any chance in Africa for the foreseeable future, could our enemy's enemy be our friend?


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"So are you suggesting we torture them all?"

You are using something I never have said and driving it down reductio ad absurdum.


You have 'never said' that?

No. I haven't. As for your suggestion that I have:


Just trying to establish your minimum criteria for a sentence of torture, that's all.

"So are you suggesting we torture them all?"

Show me exactly where, with a quoted link, I have suggested torturing "them all". Context would also be helpful, if you can grasp it.

You still haven't given me a citation to where I have made that suggestion?

Firstly: No, I have never suggested that we torture them all and you have failed to provide evidence that I ever have.

Secondly: By suggesting that I has made such a suggestion, you had to make the suggestion yourself.

Conclusion: Your suggestion is therefore your suggestion alone, and has nothing to do with me.

But fun word-puzzles you create. :)

Where did I suggest that you made that suggestion - please provide a link.
I refer you to above direct citation from you making that very suggestion.
Do you see the question mark at the end of that list of words?  Are you familiar with the difference between a question and a suggestion?

Yes, it means that you believe I have possibly suggested that "we torture them all". I haven't, and I am inquiring into as to where you believe I have made a similar suggestion.


Let me turn the tables:

Tactic: Confuse the issue and debate to death.

Question1: So are you (Heather) suggesting that we shake babies to death/beat women/kill religious/some other bad stuff?

My default answer 1: You've never said that..?

My default answer 2: Are you sure you 'never said' that?


Conclusion, because you cannot prove you haven't said it, you have therefore suggested it (?)


Tactic: Confuse the issue and debate to death.


Does that tactic seem familiar?


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