This is a very interesting dichotomy proposed by our friend Professor Dawkins and brings to mind the whole, lesser of two evils argument. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


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Support Christian missions in Africa? No, but . . .

Given that Islam is such an unmitigated evil, and looking at the map supplied by this Christian site, should we be supporting Christian missions in Africa? My answer is still no, but I thought it was worth raising the question. Given that atheism hasn't any chance in Africa for the foreseeable future, could our enemy's enemy be our friend?


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There is a saying about bedfellows ahh well never mind. No I don't think we should be supporting christianity or islam anywhere though I see his point. At the present time, islam is more radicalized and subsequently more dangerous yet even if christianity were to become more prominent is the area with the help of meager conscript atheists, would we be willing to accept part of the blame for the inevitable bloodshed? No doubt, atheists would take the brunt of the accusatory whirlwind via fox news who would suggest that as we were involved the morality of faith was tarnished and so on. This will assuredly lead to numerous and grotesque forms of butchery with or without out involvement and as disappointing as it is, we may one day add this to the exceptionally long list of religious atrocities at the hands of the moral exemplars.
So let the animals kill the animals and hopefully we are all that remains?
Well, that is an unemotionally terse simplification but accurate. I feel our involvement will by no means be of benefit should we opt to "choose sides". There are those among the faithful who we can certainly at least curtail and others whom we might be able to win over, so to speak, these scenarios have a tendency (as I am sure you are aware) of bringing out the worst of man. Should we really ally ourselves with such a dogmatic and violent wing of either branch of faith? I for one think not. If there is a positive to be claimed form the ensuing events, it will provide some more ammunition for the skeptics position though I don't think we are anywhere near a breakthrough.
Reminds me of that movie The Sum of All's a pretty good tactic, let them fight it out. Prisons and gang units use the same technique with violent, repeat offenders. Haha seems morbid, but what can you do?
I wasn't saying let the animals kill the animals in a literal sense. I was saying it in response to the last posting.  I apologize for not clarifying.  But I take issue with your "dickeshenss" remark. Sorry if we are not up to your par of commenting but I think it's been a good discussion.
I realize where you are coming from, Robert, and understand the context of your comment.  I think OOB's comment got inserted in the wrong place, but there IS a lot of 'dickishness' flowing through this thread.  The discussion is supposed to be about what would be best for Africa as a collection of developing nations and where Atheists fit into that, but a lot of rhetoric has been tossed out about the radical element of Islam and the impotence/etherealness of moderate Muslims.  It is usually around this point where I hear phrases like, "at least I'm not afraid of calling a spade a spade," with no explanation as to how such a statement puts any potatoes in the pot.
@OOB and @Heather, thank you both for clarifying.  Didn't mean to cause a fuss.  @OOB, I am in complete agreement that what sets us as atheists and humanists apart is that we value all human life regardless of religion, race, gender, etc...being an African myself, I am sad for the continent, thus my interest in the map and the topic.
An excellent analysis.  Is there any way we can insert covert Atheist missionaries?  Maybe fund 'Teachers Without Borders'?  Elevating literacy levels can't hurt, can it?

Hi Heather


earlier you said:


Is anyone even reaching out to them? I mean in the U.S. they are met with great hostility by the Jesus fundies, profiled as terrorists by the government, and yet they should take risks of alienating a portion of their own religious community as well?


The problem is that multiculturalism has failed, at least here in Britian.  Quite a lot of these Islamic community centres, mosques etc have been found to be breeding grounds for hatred and intolerance. The thing is the moderates need to grow a pair, because enough is enough.

Only Churches should be able "to be breeding grounds for hatred and intolerance." ;)

A bit more serious, I think multiculturalism has helped in one thing, and that is to increase secularism as a counterwave to religious extremism. Compare it to a "few bad apples" vs "a rotten load" approach to the issue.

So the moderates need to get a bit more radical?


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