just been looking through Richard Dawkins Website at the letters he receives,wow does he get some bad ones!have a look at them,their classed under the good,bad and ugly and does he get some ugly ones ,This one is just in:

richie dawkins is a narcassitic little fuck.

He doesn't understand grace.

He doesn't understand humility.

He CERTAINLY doesn't understand theology or philosophy.

And the field has advanced to the point where he barely understands evolutionary theory. Might mild green skin pigmentation have arisen amongst hominids? Possibly -- as an evolutionary defence mechanism against throbbing blue headed fucking pricks like richie dawkins.

The only reason he was down in the bible belt was so that he could fuck his twenty year old grad students and he probably does dream about raping Irish farm girls.

Fuck you, cunt boy. The One God will ground you into dust as atheism is always ground to dust.

Timothy Michael James Marskell

P.S. (Mary fucking Poppins is bcc'ed on this e-mail.)                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Now you've got to be pretty wound up to send that letter,I just want to know do these people feel better for sending such utter hate to  one man and supposedly  be a caring Christians  at the same time?

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When you say Dawkins doesn't understand theology Adam,Is it because he finds theology irrational like the most of us on T.A. who have read about it and came to the same conclusion.= )
I'm intrigued Kelly,what fossils?And why did she leave,is she religious?
Arh right,I get what you mean now(And Kelly that has got to piss you off,your stepmother is a young earth creationist and step-sister)I could just imagine the arguments,that's just too bad = )
I can't believe you never mentioned that.
I wonder if the feelings are mutual kell?hey anyway, happy new house for next week! :)


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