just been looking through Richard Dawkins Website at the letters he receives,wow does he get some bad ones!have a look at them,their classed under the good,bad and ugly and does he get some ugly ones ,This one is just in:

richie dawkins is a narcassitic little fuck.

He doesn't understand grace.

He doesn't understand humility.

He CERTAINLY doesn't understand theology or philosophy.

And the field has advanced to the point where he barely understands evolutionary theory. Might mild green skin pigmentation have arisen amongst hominids? Possibly -- as an evolutionary defence mechanism against throbbing blue headed fucking pricks like richie dawkins.

The only reason he was down in the bible belt was so that he could fuck his twenty year old grad students and he probably does dream about raping Irish farm girls.

Fuck you, cunt boy. The One God will ground you into dust as atheism is always ground to dust.

Timothy Michael James Marskell

P.S. (Mary fucking Poppins is bcc'ed on this e-mail.)                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Now you've got to be pretty wound up to send that letter,I just want to know do these people feel better for sending such utter hate to  one man and supposedly  be a caring Christians  at the same time?

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It's par for the course.
Yeah,I know that but Christians love to show themselves being whiter than white,And then these reply's to Dawkins that are quite regular,shows them to be anything but.It just go's to show how false these people are.

All these e-mails say to me the theists are afraid.

Afraid because atheism is on the rise everywhere, and they are probably weak in their faith hence why they attack the one person who makes them doubt their faith.

I did read those e-mails aswell and was shaking my head at such ignorance.

you can almost feel the "love" they have for their fellow human beings.


"I still say a church steeple with a lightning rod on top shows a lack of confidence. – Doug McLeod"

Yeah,I've heard that one before. Lol If your god is all knowing and omnipotent and you think he's watching and listening to your own congregation all the time, why have a lightning rod on top of your steeple?surly he wont attack you ,His loyal servants!!!
I really like that quote.  It's on my list. Thanks.

I'm not sure which books or teachings he follows but he needs to open them a little more often....  :^ )


Intolerance is s common trait/flaw by those with shaky foundations... 

I think this comment for Dawkins by this guy is more of an insight to the mind of the sender than anything.like this part-"The only reason he was down in the bible belt was so that he could fuck his twenty year old grad students and he probably does dream about raping Irish farm girls".Raping Irish farm girls where did that come from.Its obviously something that troubles this particular man,I suspect Dawkins just laughs them off as that's all you really can do about them,and sigh = )
yeah,seen that before of him sitting there reading them out,classic = )


 Proves a point. No need to say much more than only ignorant people are abusive to others.

 On one of our soaps in UK a vicar said at a funeral when asked Why should such a kind and wonderful person should die in a fire set deliberately his answer was 'It was Gods plan'. I think he should revise his plans. Oh no he cant because he doesnt exist.

He's a prolific writer with divisive views.  He's bound to get some disgusting mail out of the millions of religious followers out there.
I'm sure we have some of our own who have done the same to some religious folk.
Well he got two things right; Dawkins does not understand theology or philosophy.


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