Does anyone else find it frustrating dating in the south? A few weeks ago a friend of mine set me up on a blind date/meeting with a friend of hers and it went great! She was awesome, we had a lot in common and we both had told our friend that we really wanted to see each other again. She even sent me something saying she wanted to hang out again, that is until she saw that was an atheist... After that she refused to go out with me again even though we both had a really great time together because of the simple face that I didn't believe in magic. I knew that she was very religious which I'm really not a big fan of but I would have tried to keep my religious beliefs out of it, I just don't understand why the religious can't do the same. I had given up on serious relationships until I move north or to Europe after college anyway but its still a little disheartening. Anyone else deal with this crap?

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Sorry to hear about your son. Hope y'all haven't had to endure any idiotic comments from the fundies about his accident being god's will and that sort of shit.Tragedy has a way of bringing out the really cruel streak in the pious.

I was very lucky and found an -on the verge of Atheist- Christian girl and kinds broke it to her...she cried overwhelmed a little bit but now she is much better off.

I go to a Christian highschool sooo many Christians everyyywhere unless some haven't told anyone like me but yea I guess not too much dating will come about


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