Faith? Does it matter if our friends have it? I mean if they are your friend they should understand that your an Atheist & that your not gonna change right? The typical thing all Atheist & Theist alike have been known to say "Im a ______ but I respect other peoples religion" & this may be true enough. Like I said this is your friend, maybe you two have been through a lot together & something so small would never tear your friendship apart. Sure you may not like what some Theist do& how they think but this is your buddy, they are different, they are one of a kind, they get you & are more open minded.

Faith? Does it matter to have in a lover? I mean your sure this is the one, your Romeo/Juliet, nothing could tear you to apart, right? I mean your pretty sure they are the one, you two have so much in common & know everything about each other, you both laugh at the stupid things that no one else does. You tell each other everything & never keep secret. You can easily see yourself with them forever. But can they? Really? Cant they live with the idea of their kids being Atheist or can you live with the idea of your kids being Theist or being Baptized? Do they care if their parents accept you & your heathen ways? Ok these are pretty big ideas so lets tone it down. Sundays, are you willing to sacrifice your ideals & principles & suit up to go mingle with the sheep? to toss your hard earned money into the collection plate of a tax exempt organization? To sing the songs that praise a the abusive father figure some of them never had? Are you willing to lie to the congregation when they ask you your opinion on the sermon or face the looks & whispers when you tell them your an Atheist? Do you really want to go to the stupid Christmas party or Nativity play that the church will be having?

These are questions I think all Atheist should ask themselves when dating a Theist, Im not saying on the first date, but it should they should be asked I think & why not? I mean if we are not thinking about these things & asking ourselves these questions & answering honestly than why do we date? To find that right person for ourselves I always though? So Atheist, can the right one for you be a Theist? Why or why not.

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Im in a relationship now...i suppose...with a theist, who did not convey the seriousness of her "faith" to me before we were together. I knew she was raised in a Jehovah's witness household, but i learned very shortly b4 we decided to be together, that she was actually studying to become a Witness. Red flag number one. Now we have gotten along just fine as long as the subject of religion didn't come up. At first we could talk freely about it, but my disgust with religion soon led to a few very heated discussions,myself not being the one heated, that left me in disbelief about the level of delusion and extremism. More red flags. Of course with us getting along so well led to the talk of maybe marriage one day. The last HUGE red flag was when another heated debate came up, and she  snapped with anger, " well i'm going to be a Jehovah witness, and if we have kids they WILL be going to the hall with me". Well that was all i needed to know that this would NOT work, because the indoctrination of children DISGUSTS me. So needless to say i have been distancing myself from her extensively and it will be over as soon as i have the time to discuss it with her. I don't reccomend it.


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