Darwins Theory of Evolution Causes Horrific Evils!

Hello everyone

I havent been on here a while but I feel now is the time to unload. So I unfortunately ended up in an argument with my brother the other day about religion (bad move I know). All of my family are catholics apart from my brothers who have been brainwashed by my future sister in law and are now Pentecostal....for now anyway, they change a lot.

So my husband found the 'good news' magazine next to my brothers bed the other day with an article about Darwin and how his theory of evolution has caused cataclysmic devestation in the world, eg the nazis using this theory etc.

My husband felt sick reading it and I was absolutely devistated. To think my so called 'intelligent' brother who also studied philosophy, is reading this BS!!!

I have never felt so isolated from my family as I am now and my relationship with my brothers is now so uncomfortable, I do feel very judged and alone. I know there is no point trying to reason with them as I feel they are too far gone so to speak.

Has anyone else been through something similar? what were your experiences? any advice? did your story turn out good or not?

what about the Darwin theory? has anyone ever challenged you on this or you challenged them?

Any input back would be a great help and a great shoulder to cry on guys.

thanks very much in advance as I know you hear this kind of shit a lot.


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Ask them what they think of DNA evidence that links all forms of life on Earth to each other ;-)

Yes, and I'd like to hear their response to the known fact that over 50% of our genes are also present in banana DNA. (I'm guessing that non-biology-savvy people would just laugh in disbelief, wonder if maybe I was Martian.)

Hang in there, be resolute, and never give in to the religious science-deniers. Evolution is an established fact, supported by countless thousands of pages of research. Creation "science," "intelligent design," and young-earth-ism are groundless superstitions and are demonstrably false. One has the choice of enslavement to religion or enjoyment of the fruits of a free mind. And by the way, sometime you might mention to the science-deniers you know, that they really ought to turn in their laptops, iPads, and cell phones if they prefer to live in the Bronze Age. Enjoy your life, read good science, and celebrate your freedom from superstition.
-- Dr. Donald R. :Burleson

Thank you for your kind words x

"if they prefer to live in the Bronze Age"

uh-uh. Even bronze was scientific advancement. :-)

Three thumbs up! :)

How to answer the zanier remarks of xians?

In the Teaching Company course titled Tools of Thinking, Professor James Halt made two remarks, each independent of the other. One was about expressing sympathy for an ill person and wishing her/him a speedy recovery. The other was about Flat Earthers, who may still be among us.

His remarks inspired me to try a response I've never used.

The next time an xian, with the usual seriousness, tells me one of his myths, I will feign sympathy, wish him a speedy recovery, and quickly depart.

Sadly I make every attempt at a deeper understanding...;p(

This morning Girl friend and I took in the 'show' at the local  Lutherian church. They are in the middle of 'lent', but they are not painting themselves with ash yet. Sometimes the mass just leaves me confused, to get anything out of 'it' I seem to need to stand up and scream 'Damn my demon doubts are making me think again, oh the humanity!'.

I look around, and realize that the universe has not folded in on itself, but is still there, reminding us that 'Hay I am still here, you crazy saps!'    .....;-)

I just tell people I care about the truth.  Why let them live in ignorance?

With regard to DNA's offering overwhelming evidence for human evolution-- the science of genetics is absolutely the place where the strongest, most incontrovertible evidence resides.  For example: the human genome contains some 14,000 retro-pseudogenes in certain chromosomal locations, and these are found in the same places in the chimpanzee genome, but the two are differently mutated (in a way precisely map-able), showing beyond a doubt that humans and chimpanzees had a common ancestor several million years ago having these retro-pseudogenes, which have mutated one way in chimps and another way in humans.  But if you tell this to religionists, they really don't care.  They fall back on believing in magic instead. After all, it's easier than thinking.

It (magic) is easier than thinking.
So very true. Many religionists find obedience easier.

Hi Lucia. I believe I have a good general sense of your angst. My parents are Christians a few years from death, and yesterday my nine year old daughter asked me if there were dinosaurs in heaven.

As for my parents, I'm prepared to tell them that they have nothing to worry about concerning what follows death. For my child, I feel protective. Telling children about a celestial boogeyman that's always in your head is abuse in my opinion. Promoting belief in hell is despicable in my opinion.

The point is that you and your brothers and most of us have been subjected to horrifying cultural traditions. Our individual attempts to deal with this torture are all different.

As others on this thread have pointed out, the science is in. You may point out to your brothers that 'The' Bible is little more than the 20th plagiarized version of Indian and Egyptian mythology, which comes directly from astrology (When Personification Goes Horribly Wrong). You may point out that Gobekli Tepe is without dispute 4,000 to 6,000 years older than the pyramids in Egypt. You're also allowed to mention dinosaurs.

As with my kin, I would consider than society is finally catching up to Neitzsche, Darwin and Hitchens. It was only in my lifetime that the Vatican conceded that the Earth goes and around the sun, and not the other way around.

The ludicrous claims of the church worked well for a while, but it's now the 3rd millennium AD. We have a telescope that has left our solar system and is sending us pictures. This is the information age, and information is the enemy of religion. Don't be too hard on your brothers, they have been subjected to terrible fear tactics. You have overcome these fears with your reason, they have not yet.

I do not think it's a question of proper persuasion. They are family and I think it is a matter of letting them voluntarily avail themselves of these Bronze age trappings.

God, I hope there are 'dinosaurs' in heaven, but being carnivores or not will be mostly a mute point, could be a little like 'oh damn they were at least mostly right...'  ;-)


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