I just saw this comment.It makes me wonder what is better for the world.Praying or actually doing something.I think the Think Atheist members are much better for answering these types of comments.I think it's the experience.Any help gratefully accepted.


Everything that the secular world has proposed for the salvation of human kind has proven useless in the face of reality. The last Darwinist government believed that getting rid of Jews, homosexuals and gypsies was the solution to our problems. Wrong. The next demand of atheists will be, All we need is to rid the world of religious people. That too will be wrong.

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Thank you Adriana. Every time I hear the word 'darwinist' I know that what follows it is going to be ill-informed.
Well said! This is why I am an Adrianaist!
The government of the United States was created as a secular government, and it has done many great things for the human condition. These include the freedoms we enjoy such as the pursuit of happiness, a social safety net, education, infrastructure, and a common defense.

So far there has never been a nation founded solely on scientific principles and reason. I would think such a nation would do quite well in the department of improving the human condition.

There have never been any "Darwinist Governments" to date in the history of the world. Although there have been a few governments led by self-proclaimed atheists, these have been more like cults of personality which resemble religious governments in almost every aspect, including a severe lack of reason and fairness.

The statement "The next demand of atheists will be, All we need is to rid the world of religious people" is typical religious irrational fear-mongering. Atheists are a tiny minority who just want equal rights, and a future course for humanity based on the very reason and science we can muster.
...based on the very best reason and science we can muster.
Youtube comments are bottom of the barrel fare. Avoid and ignore.


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