Darwin and Dawkins : The Prophets of Atheism Unveiled

Tomorrow night (Wednesday 17th March) the University of Plymouth Islamic Society will be giving a talk entitled Darwin and Dawkins : The Prophets of Atheism. Now, while i'm entirely against the idea of promoting university faith groups, I am more than interested to see what they have to say, so i will be attending. I'm not completely sure what to expect, i'm suspecting a bit of an overly long diatribe against athiests, but it may actually shed some light on what they think of us.
I will admit, i'm a little nervous - they may be desperate for my blood by the end- but i shall soldier on, and report back to you all once it is over.
Just... wish me luck, yeah?

[edit : I've had a shufty around their website, and it seems that it'll be shown live at 09:45am PST (whatever that means) online at this address http://www.ustream.tv/channel/plymouth-islamic-society-isoc---live-...]

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I wouldn't expect much in the way of rationality, but good luck surviving the probable onslaught of logical fallacies and irrational appeals!
Thanks, it might actually make a nice change to hear attacks from a muslim, rather than christian, viewpoint lol.
I don't think replacing "God" with "Allah" is going to make much difference. I'm looking forward to hearing how it actually was.
good luck and have fun. Got a problem with the title however.
Can an atheist be a prophet ? I thought prophets were devinly inspired.
Yeah, i agree - it makes me wonder if i'm just going to be sitting though an hour/whatever on how atheism is a religion :S. If so, the free refreshmenst had better be good.
I'm really interested in what they have to say, so I'm adding this comment. :)
Hey there, its Jon the biologist, the guy who got quite irate at his lack of scientific knowledge, especially concerning evolution. I don't know about you but i found myself remembering a tonne of stuff he mentioned after the talk was over, that was either massively absurd or just plain quote mining crap.

Was it me or did he just decided something was a pure philosophical issue when he got a bit confused. I remember when i was questioning his knowledge on macroevolution and he kept on saying it was a philosophical issue and that it didn't relate to his talk.

I wish i would have gone hard at him, in fact i think a few people stopped short in the debate possibly to prevent the title of 'militant' being thrown around. Screw it next time I'm going for the jugular.
Hey Keith, how did this event go? Did they permit countering points of view?
No, I didn't go (don't live in that area). I had commented so that I would get notification when it was commented on but well that never happened. Maybe they didn't end up going.
Yeah, sorry I realised after posting.


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