"Daphne's" Mom Blasts Pastor advocate.com 2/3/11


Well, first of all, the photo of the boy dressed as Daphne is adorable.


Boy these intolerant bullies sure put the organized in organized religion!


I used to live in Kansas City and that area is called the bible belt for a reason. I really applaud the activist stance this mother has taken in defense of her parenting and her son. 


This is just another example that organized religion is more about control and hate than so-called, god's love. 

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The World has gone mad.  Religion is trying its hardest to take over the world for themselves. Of course if this happens they will be killing each other left right and centre. A blood bath in fact.

 How could a god create a gay man if he then says he has made a mistake and they are evil. You have either created humans or not, you cant then make excuses for getting it wrong.

  Abuse of children is so wide spread so why not come out and condem the CHurch who abuse them.One law for them and one law for us.

I am in this mom's broad circle of friends.  I have attended the church and just before halloween participated with the mother/child program involved in the scandal. "Daphne's mom" is a wonderful woman.  Intelligent, friendly, and compassionate - as are her 3 or 4 closest friends.   Because it is a church circle, I have not revealed my personal beliefs to them, but have felt all along that they belong here, not there.  They are definately Christians, mind you.  I know that they don't have some hidden agenda... it's just that they are smart, open-minded women, among the oppressive right-wing here in this part of the country.  This may be their turning point.  I certainly hope so.

ps.  It is my understanding that the church didn't 'officially' approach her until two tything members with kids (who were part of the bullying) recently left the church.


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