Lets this be a hard taught lesson, we have to stop the muslimifcation of our countries and we better do it sharpish.

I am not being racist, just plain and simply anti muslim, wtf is it with this group mof people and their jebus (allah ).

I have blogged this nas well, i think its important enough to talk and reply to individual posts.

take care man


Danish cartoonist intruder shot
Kurt Westergaard Sept 2006
Kurt Westergaard has had a price on his head since 2006

Danish police have shot and wounded a man in the home of Kurt Westergaard, whose cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad sparked a major row.

Danish media say Mr Westergaard was in his home in Aarhus with his wife and grandchild when a man broke in and threatened him with a hammer.

Mr Westergaard, 74, is said to have raised the alarm and police entered the house and shot the intruder.

Mr Westergaard's cartoons were printed by Jyllands-Posten in 2005.

They triggered violent protests, with Danish embassies attacked around the world and dozens killed in riots.

Mr Westergaard went into hiding amid threats to his life, but emerged last year saying he wanted to live as normal a life as possible.

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Enemies of freedom and liberty should be dealt with harshly.
I'm glad that Mr Westergaard and his family are unharmed.
I suppose we don't complain enough because we don't have it brought to our attention as often as the xtian absurdities that go on in THIS country.

While the xtian fundies may be more inimical to religious freedom here at home, overall, the Islamists are the ones causing the greatest danger worldwide. We would do well to remember that, while the xtian fundies want to restrict our liberty, the Islamist fundies would be quite happy to let a spray of bullets loose.
re: dont complaining enough

my thoughts are that we have a safer option in attacking the xtains, with the muslim fundies it's more dangerous and here is my example.

Glasgow city centre, buchannan street a couple of years ago. two sets of groups talking with supports of both sides attending. Now I am with friends and I know I will be heckling soon after listening to either. To my disgust i went towards the xtains, i left the muslims alone and it must have been for safety, i see no other reason.

Are the fundies a safer option ? anotherr discussion is needed and I am far to stoned to write much more

take care man

We must stop the muslinmification of the UK and other euro states.
the muslim religion is a danger to the world. far more than any other state or sect in any other period of earth's history.

yes , that includes the nazi party.
Here is the cartoon:

it's just pixels, be afraid.
Considering that this is just one cartoon, I'm surprised that there are not daily riots over Jesus and Mo.
well done man. Cn we have this pic put on the front page of the site please.

keep safe man,
Standing up for freedom of speech and personal liberty against the forces of ANY religion is just a moral mandate. "Political correctness" HAS to stop!


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