Dalai Lama leads the way... Beyond Religion: Ethics for the whole world.

The famous and well loved English TV presenter, Parkinson, was once asked partake in a word association game where an interviewer would throw out names of some of the famous people he had met and interviewed over the years. Obviously he was to throw out a single word that he thought best described the personality.  

When he was presented with the name of the Dalai Lama his first instinct was "scientist".  Who would have thought?  Had it been the arch bishop of Canterbury or the Pope, surely he would have said "godly" or "religious".

I guess this is because both the latter are as steadfast in their beliefs as they are narrow minded in their outlook and ability to grasp reality.

At the time I was not sure exactly what Parkinson meant, but having learnt more about the man and his so called religion (I say so called, as  I believe Buddhism should not be classed as a religion or at least not as a theist on anyway) the more I realised that what this world needs is more pragmatists and realists and less religious nutters.

Anyway, see the note below outlining briefly the details or the Dalai Lama's new book.  I have not had a chance to put my hands on it yet, but I reckon it would be great if the old pope, the collective leadership of the Muslim world ( having no direct representative) and the  leader of the Jewish religion, could all do well by adopting the same sentiments and open mindedness.

Is it ever going to happen....... I think not.


In his new book "Beyond Religion: Ethics for a Whole World" His Holiness the Dalai Lama argues that religion is not a necessity for pursuing a spiritual life. Rather he proposes a system of secular ethics that transcends religion as a way to recognize our common humanity and so contributes to a global human community based on understanding and mutual respect

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