Cussing- Downed by many religions, but does an atheist thinker think the same?

Personally I cuss all the time, really can't help it. Just want peoples thoughts on it, does it make you sound stupid? Some times is it actually a good enhancing word to your statement or question? It is considered a sin to many religious people, but here, where we are clear headed thinkers, does it seem like a morally wrong thing to do?

                 P.S. it's my first post, stupid thing to ask? If so please say so, over time I'll judge whether or not i should shut up or not on this site.

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I've seen some heavy swearers living in some really, really nice trailers.

Stephen Fry rocks!

I had a drill sergeant in basic training who was not content to use a "cuss" word every other word but would actually add "cuss syllables" to words, like absofuckinglutely and evergoddamndently.

George Carlin said it best "They're just words, they can't hurt you." I miss George and now Hitch, the world is a duller place without them. :(


I don't believe cursing is morally wrong.  I do believe that we are overusing the few curse words we own. Remember, you can't just make these words up.  You can add a sylable or a word here and there to enhance or improve the word's impact, but we have a limited supply.  We should conserve our inventory. 

I grew up when the word CRAP would elicit a gasp.  I also wore white gloves to go shopping downtown--notice I didn't say at the MALL.  I don't remember when I didn't curse under my breath, but in the last few years, I've been known to drop a few bombs--not that well received at the bridge table. 

I still have trouble actually writing the words, and I don't like to hear them in everyday settings like the grocery store.  Personally, I'm reserving the really good words for when I hit a ball out of bounds, or when someone steals my parking spot.  I probably won't say FUCK again just because my finesse didn't work.  It really wasn't worth it.  Not only am I the only professed atheist among my friends, but I'm the only liberal.  I'll bet that when my friends speak of me, they begin, "Bless her heart." I really need to set a good example, but then, I think, "Screw that."

They are just words. They won't hurt you. Without them dirt limericks would lose their appeal.

Before we had computers, and the ability to manipulate text fonts with underlinings, italics and boldness, swear words enabled us to format our speech for emphasis.  I think of the typed swear word as a kind of exclamation mark.  It is sometimes a welcome addition to a long paragraph, but entirely optional.  And sometimes new words, like 'fucktard' are just priceless.

I do find it bizarre that some people feel that it is OK to say, "the 'F' word" but not to actually say "fuck".  Or "the 'C' word".  Does this scrabble-bag approach render the word (which they are communicating pretty clearly) in some way cleansed?

Does this scrabble-bag approach render the word (which they are communicating pretty clearly) in some way cleansed?

Symbolically, yes. But language is all about communicating with symbols, sounds or writings that carry meaning. They aren't "just sounds", but just by changing a word's spelling or pronunciation (etc.), you can make a clear change to it's intended meaning.

I should add, respect and relative status are also an inherent part of communication. You might want to question why you need to adjust your speech according to who you're talking to, but you might not even think about how you're automatically being nice to someone who's important to you, or above you in a significant way. It's so built into us by the time we've grown up, a lot of it's become sub-conscious, like riding a bike.

Well, fook.  Now I know! :)

Without repeating what my mates have said, I think context would matter. I live in a place where people are mostly conservative and again religious and see cuss words as bordering on the immoral. Given such a scenario, depending on my audience I may not use cuss words even if in my view they would bring the point home more forcefully! That said, I do think cuss words when used moderately have almost a poetic effect.

The “morality” of cussing has nothing to do with the word itself, but with the intent behind it.  I was once called a sonofabitch in an expression of friendship, and was the happier for it.  Words without context have no moral content.  But any word meant to hurt is immoral.  


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