Hey, I was just wondering if there were anyone else here who is also currently reading the Christian Holy Bible, weither it is for the first time or if you are just re-reading it. I was raised as a christian and I am reading because there is a lot that I have forgotten and I think that in order to understand your own beliefs, you must also understand the beliefs of others.

The bible that I am reading is a King James version, published by Holman Bible Publishers. My parents got it for me when I first told them that I am an Atheist.

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I'm currently on Genesis 22. I just started today and I'll probably read a little bit each night. Its gonna take a while lol.
I have yet to read the bible but I do want to read it, I am curious... I have a New Study bible somewhere that I bought for my Religion class last year so I'll try to find that. :D
I read it through twice; and enough excerpt reading to almost call it a third. No desire to do it clear through again.

I would recommend reading it when you're attentive, don't let it become your sleep aid.

Also for those parts that the English translation is so twisted, that you swear its not English at all, a resource like The Skeptic's Annotated Bible is quite handy.
Yeah my New Study Bible has lots of good helpful annotations too. LOL. :D
I am always reading the Bible, it is like sharpening my knife before going to the trenches!!!! Just a tip, keep an eye on dates, times of travel, places and locations of major events, and verbatim quotes of Jesus and you'll be sure to find your very own share of Bible contradictions
I'm only a little ways into Genesis and I have found a lot of contradictions myself.
I also want to read the Koran, and the Tanakh.
I found versions of the Koran and the Tanakh on Amazon.com. When I have some extra cash laying around I'll get them. They are next on my reading list.
you need not spend money on religioous texts, there are plenty of religioous websites that give them out for free.
I guess my post was edited for external links, well i had put a link to get them online in pdf for free right away, but you can google it also. Like I said, there are many religious institutions online that will send you free copies (actual tomes) in the mail if you just ask; and for quicker delivery you can download .pfs free all day online. :) good riddance m8
I tried to read the new testament in school on the last day.I didn't go past a page.
I suppose they don't do much reading of the Bible.



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