"Theocracy is the worst of all governments. If we must have a tyrant, a robber baron is far better than an inquisitor." - C.S.Lewis


C.S. Lewis often shows up in the set of all factual atheists that become factual saved souls. The problem, that I can reframe.


"C.S.Lewis changed his view on the supernatural not religion"


See the quote below and notice that Lewis never in his life believed that a man, soul or no soul, would have no fit moral behavior ONLY backed by natural ethics. This guy taught at Oxford and knew his Aristotle and Hobbs.


Immoral Atheist (Not)
"It is often asserted that the world must return to Christian ethics in order to preserve civilization.Though I am myself a Christian, and even a dogmatic Christian untinged with Modernist reservations and committed to supernaturalism in its full rigour, I find myself quite unable to take my place beside the upholders of this view."


That's my opinion, I could be wrong.


[Palin bait]


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I don't understand how anyone can read CS Lewis's apologetics.  His arguments are so flawed.  I read "Mere Christianity" and I was actually getting pissed off with every page turn because it was such bull shit.  The reason I was getting angry is because I kept thinking "how can anyone be so stupid as to think this makes sense?"
I read "Mere Christianity" too. It was ridiculous.

Everyone on this site will agree that C.S. had his finest moment inside a coat closet. Come out of the closet Mr. Lewis!


But serially, a theist phenotype will dig it's heels in when presented with a sharp, short rebuttal to C.S.Lewis or Moses.


I start by asking questions about a theists beliefs and stating references in ethical philosophy to doubt as a normal human condition. It's called epistemic ignorance or the black swan problem.


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