What is your opinion of Cryptidzoology. 
Not just Bigfoot and Nessie but the whole "Science" in general
Remember that some animals thought to be Cryptids have been found to exist such as Coelacanth
Is it a viable area to research? 
What Cryptids do you think exist?
What do you think about the people who report these sightings? Crazy, attention seekers, mistaken ID etc

I know I quoted wiki and I apologize 

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So the search for unknown species is nothing more than magic, as far as you are concerned?

No, it's zoology.

No, it's not: zoology

  1. 1.
    the scientific study of the behavior, structure, physiology, classification, and distribution of animals.

I don't see anything in this definition or yours that precludes discovering new species.

I don't see anything that includes it.  Perhaps we could rely on physicists to seek out undiscovered species - nothing in their definition that precludes it either.

Cryptozoology is typically defined as the study of animals whose existence has yet to be proven. 

What would we call a study of, oh, say spiritual beings whose existence has yet to be proven? Theology?

Cryptozoology is typically associated with whackjobs trying to give scientific credence to tourist locations.

Given our known vs estimated terrestrial biodiversity, it would seem that we have more species to document than we have already documented.  Considering the inter-dependencies of which we are already aware, it is likely that there are many more inter-dependencies than most people can conceive.

Although only my layperson's opinion, I think it would be useful to start to extrapolate many of these unknowns before we cover the bottom of the oceans in shit.  Cryptozoology as I view it is likely as important is climate science.

I'm a zoologist. I see an unfamiliar species. I study its behavior, structure, physiology. I classify it and determine its distribution. It seems like normal zoology to me.

Seems like normal zoology to you - except you aren't a zoologist.

I recall reading an article a long time ago that suggested some of the early Greek mythological creatures could have been the result of incorrect assemblage of various dinosaur bone fossils. Some dino-fossils have been found in the ruins of Greek temples. Also that perhaps some of their larger than life demi gods could have been inspired by a large bone fossils as well.

Duh Ancient Greeks Loved my large bone! - Eros.


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