Is the fact that people still believe in things like Noahs Ark, people living in whales, talking donkeys is a failure by schools to teach critical thinking?

Maybe there needs to a be class called "Thinking 101" What do you think?

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I assume we're talking about the US school system? I definitely think a few courses in logic should be added to the curriculum, but then I don't know who would teach it. Many teachers can't think rationally either.
It's like this, "Oh Hai new teachers welcome to school! All the hard work you put into becoming a teacher is reduced to a single book that tells you how to do your job for the rest of your teaching career! :D HAVE FUN"

I would say yes we need a "Basic Logic" class. It's simple, showcase how things are not always what they seem. :-}

Perhaps the real class should be "dont be afraid to speak up and ask questions 101"
That would be an awesome and very valuable class for the US school system to add. If it were a class when I was in school, I definitely would have taken it. Great idea!
A "Thinking 101" class would not be useful if schools are still teaching the idea of "intelligent design" in science classes alongside evolution.
I would love to see schools become engines of critical thought and independent thinking rather than assembly lines producing assembly line workers. (Full disclosure: I'm a public school teacher)
A class in critical thinking and logic would be invaluable. The only real question is at what age should the classes start? I suspect that if such a class were taught, improvement would be seen in most other classes as well.
I complain about a lot about new zealand cause it being such a crap hole but one thing i have found that I'm impressed with is they have a course you can add to your child's studies called P4C or Philosophy For Children, "P4C" is a program for schoolchildren that aims to improve children's thinking through class discussion on philosophical issues. They hope to achieve some of these following skills through their P4C course: Open mindedness, Cognitive Skills, Evaluating reasons and arguments, Exploring and analyzing concepts, Identifying fallacies, Testing generalizations. These are just some of their goals through this class

Now if they offered this in the states i think i would be cool. cause this starts from when they start school at 5
and continues all the way till they finish... its kind of cool i think.
Very cool... Hmmm I think it is time start the Think Atheist Academy for kids what do you guys think? :]
Wow, I *wish* that this was a regular part of the school curriculum here.
You can't even take a philosophy class until university in my corner of the US. P4C sounds great. I think I need to convince my fiance to sneak some philosophical ideals into his literature lectures.
I was fairly lucky, we had a Humanities class (AP only) in my high school that covered some of the basics of philosophical thought. Plus my World History teacher, as part of the histories of other countries, briefly covered their religions as well, at least acknowledging their existence,
Just how in NZ a craphole Jess? *stern look*

I remember when I was in school, about 180 years ago now, granted, but while we had no formal critical thinking class, our teachers certainly encouraged it, at least mine did.

Besides, I like it here, there's no huge religious political movement and you;re not likely to get shot for refusing to believe in someone else's imaginary friends ...


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