I just received my FFRF (Freedom From Religion Foundation) newsletter and came across this article.

Pressed by the Spirit (from FFRF newsletter)

Johnny Eric Marlowe, 33, Caldwell County, NC, was sentenced to 150 days in jail in October for misdemeanor child abuse for at-home circumcision of his 2 sons with a box cutter when they were a few days old in 2005 and 2004. Marlowe, who has 14 known children with 2 wives, testified he circumcised himself when he was 30 and another son several years earlier. No anesthetic was used in any of the procedures.

His case was about religious freedom, Marlow told the court. "God, the Holy Spirit pressed me to do that..When God presses you to do something, you do it." He refused in court to swear on the bible to tell the truth. "I don't swear. I don't take on oath."

Marlowe said he didn't think his sons suffered that much because he didn't during his own operation. "The pain did not overwhelm me or stop me. Within an hour or so, I was able to put in 13 stitches." He said he only felt a hot, tingling sensation. He testified he'd watched Internet videos to learn the procedure and took off his long-sleeved shirt in court to demonstrate on his arm.

The women testified their sons bled for 11 and 12 hours, respectively, afterward. Marlowe is already serving a 12-15 year sentence for assault and kidnapping.

Amber Marlowe said she finally feels safe. "I'm no longer under your power, I no longer have nightmares of you coming and killing me, I know you are safe behind bars where you can't reach me," she said in court. His former wife, Sara Fleming, remembered running for her life "out a back window with just the clothes I had on." (Source: WCNC-TV/WSOC-TV/WISTV,10-2-09)

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He's not in prison, he is in jail for 150 days. Amber's nightmares should start up again by March.
He got 12-15 for Kidnapping and assault. The 150 days is a side dish apparently.
*shakes head in disgust*
I thought it was the same guy, but apparently there's another effing asshole who did this. Then later, smothered his 9 month old son with a coat. Makes me sick. (original link from Pharyngula)

All he got was 150 days?


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