What is your opinion on how the world came to be? Evolution, God, what?

 I was raised that God created the earth in 6 days... that seems silly to me, but Evolution seems a bit too out there too. What's your take?

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"They say God is perfect.

- maybe they do, but what is "perfect" supposed to mean in this context?  I think it turns out to be pretty meaningless. 

No one knows.

Religions have many different ways of explaining how the Earth came into existence and how life began, for some there is a deity or two involved, for others there were other mechanisms like it was dreamed into existence, many of these systems of belief pre-date Judaeo/Christianity. Some scientist have theorised about a process they call Evolution, which is a beautiful but extremely complex Theory. Personally I find the Theory of evolution very compelling and I am able to reason it, but I also recognise it has problems and is not perfect.

Ultimately,no one knows, pick whatever seems most reasonable to you, whatever gives you the comfort you seek.

I like to contemplate this, matter equals energy (E=MC2) this we know for certain, and the total energy of the universe is zero... it's not hard to work it out but when you do, don't tell anyone, it's a big secret.

There's nothing complicated about the theory of evolution. Simply put, living things live and die and the ones with better adaptive qualities tend to live longer and reproduce whereas the ones with poor adaptations tend to die. Over long periods of time, the better qualities prevail, as do other qualities which came along and are neither here nor there, like the white head on a bald eagle, perhaps.

Nothing complicated about it. 

Now,if you want an explanation for specific qualities, sometimes there is fossil record evidence and sometimes not. That sometimes there is not is not, however, evidence against the theory of evolution.

What doesn't stand up to scrutiny are concepts depending upon some invisible (and yet all-powerful) spirit being having created everything. That is just cuckoo. Its problem as an explanation isn't that it doesn't explain anything, it's that it explains everything and doesn't imply where to look for evidence. In other words, it's no better than "It just happens."

I didn't say 'complicated' I said 'complex'. They are not the same.

A system is 'complex' when it has emergent behaviour.

Actually the Evolution of the hard-wiring of a 'god-concept' is beginning to be better understood in Evolutionary Psychology thanks to the works of people like Paul Bloom at Yale, Jesse Bering, Queen's University Belfast, Olivera Petrovich at the University of Oxford and many other Psychologists and Evolutionary Psychologists who are building a body of work that explains how and why our predisposition to believe in a god-type being evolved. Because one thing is becoming clearer with each advance is that the concept of god evolved with our increasingly complex (there's that word again) psychology.

Like I have always said in these forums, it is simply not reasonable to assume god type beings were 'made-up' we have no evidence that this is the case. That is too simplistic and frankly poor reasoning and the evidence that is emerging is suggesting this evolved as a by-product of the evolution of causal reasoning. This would certainly explain why it has lasted so long and why people are so reluctant to relinquish the concept once it has become established in their psychology.

Evolution is a biological concept because it requires DNA, so that's out the window right away if we are talking about how the planet we call Earth came about. 

Obviously, no human was there to observe the advent of the planet, so we are left with theories. Thus, what's most plausible is the most likely explanation. Here are two good documentaries, one about the birth of the Earth, the other about how life likely came about.

Both are based on theories in the scientific sense of a plausible explanation of the facts as we know them, not in the sense religious people like (pure speculation, "just a theory").

The issue with evolution is it answers how but not why. People want more...and they will just make up the answers if they have to.



2=2 is relatively not interesting to the masses..it's not about us.

Because 2 doesn't equal 3.

Well, unless you fuck up your old-style FORTRAN programming and accidentally assign the value 3 to a literal 2.

Why is yellow yellow? or a color and not a pastry?

Zenith: I disagree.  While applying the Theory of Evolution to each and every living organism on Earth may appear “complicated,” the theory itself is NOT.  It is an incredibly simple, problem-free, PERFECT, scientific theory.

For example, tracing the route of the laryngeal nerve in the body of most mammals from the brain to the larynx is “complicated,” given that it travels a long, tortuous, tangled course of several feet (15’ in giraffes) just to reach the larynx which is a foot or less from the brain.  And it is ONLY explained, and explained PERFECTLY, by the Theory of Evolution.  It makes a joke out of “intelligent design.”  Nothing about natural selection is intelligent, intentional, or planned; it just progresses in a manner in which random mutations and ultimate death results in some species serendipitously surviving it - for a while at least.  This has been going on for so long - billions of years - that it is hardly surprising that, today, we see such a stunning diversity of life around us, all of it doomed. It could hardly be otherwise.  But it should always be kept in mind, that for every species (10 million, at least) that currently exist, thousands did not survive for long.  One of the simplest aspects of the theory is that MOST forms of life won’t last long;  ESPECIALLY large, complex creatures like ourselves with long gestation periods that prevent them from evolving fast enough to survive catastrophic environmntal change, such as global climate warming or new, drug-resistant pathogens.  The course of natural selection is almost certainly going to result in the extinction of Homo sapiens, LONG before less complex forms, such as bacteria and cockroaches.  And again, it could hardly be otherwise, according to the Scientific Theory of Evolution, which is absolutely perfect and uncomplicated to anyone who truly understands it.

I, too, have a theory, or a hypothesis, at least.  I believe that, if and when we discover where life came from, we will realize that life itself is a temporary, anomalous, phenomenon that appeared a few billion years ago on Earth and will completely disapper in a few billion more (if we’re lucky), NEVER to return.  The cosmos will then plod along without us, until it, too degenerates into nothing but quarks’nstuff.  We don’t know, yet, how the universe began; and we don’t know how it will end.  But, for a brief time, it included US.

To reiterate what I just said to unseen, I didn't say 'complicated', I said 'complex' (look at my post) - they mean different things.


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