What is your opinion on how the world came to be? Evolution, God, what?

 I was raised that God created the earth in 6 days... that seems silly to me, but Evolution seems a bit too out there too. What's your take?

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Therefore the big bang theory is just a fragile one and a bearded man in the sky did it!!!

It is as important to understand the misconceptions about Evolution just as it is to understand what it actually is. I have a video posted in this weeks’ Sunday School about a road trip that some Creationists went on that is worth watching. (see also the “metaphor” story on the same page).

I'll check into it, thank you!

I have edited the link to the correct Evolution video. BTW the Big Bang theory in Cosmology has nothing to do with the Theory of Evolution.

Thank you, I was wondering about that link!

Yes, I still consider the Big Bang to be part of Evolution though.

OK Riley, but it's not. 

The Big Bang is a theory or hypothesis of how the entire universe came into being. 

Evolution is a well supported and tested hypothesis or theory of how life developed on Earth.  It does not describe how life began on Earth.  It has never been shown to be wrong, and it answers many questions about biology, including the development of human beings. 

 When I say that I consider the "Big Bang" to be a part of "Evolution" it is because the Big Bang could very well be considered a part of it because it could be the Universe evolving to make Life possible.

As atheists - and this is unprovable - we don't believe that the universe has a purpose, or that it has the purpose of producing life.  It is just lucky for us that it has done. 

Simon...think twice before attributing anything to atheists.. Especially "we atheists". An atheist doesn't buy into the existence of God...nothing more. Many atheists still believe there is inherant meaning in the universe.

Perhaps you mean " most of us atheists here on think atheist". That's fair. Theists make absurd generalizations about atheists...even though they have only one trifling thing in common (no time for God fantasies). We don't believe in morality, we are nihilistic, all and any kind of sex is okay, we want to bulldose churches and we don't believe in any spiritual anything
None of this is true...there are always some (or even a lot) of atheists who do one or more of the above) but its unfair for theists to generalise. We don't do ourselves any favours by generalising ourselves.

OK Davis, that's fair enough

The fact that it can produce matter - atoms and molecules - means that it almost inevitably produces life. 

Natural selection and evolution:  the "survival of the fittest", explains why bacteria become resistant to antibiotics, for example.  That's evolution in action on a very short time scale. 


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