What is your opinion on how the world came to be? Evolution, God, what?

 I was raised that God created the earth in 6 days... that seems silly to me, but Evolution seems a bit too out there too. What's your take?

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Neither God NOR evolution created the world.  Leaving aside what created the universe, the Earth was created by the gravitational agglomeration of dust and particles that had been expanding and swirling since "The Big Bang".  There is not yet a scientific theory for what preceded that.  There are conjectures (such as religious ones), and evidence-based hypotheses, but not enough evidence yet to construct a true scientific theory.  

There is also no scientific theory of the origin of life - again, only weak hypotheses and conjectures.  But the Theory of Evolution has nothing whatsoever to do with the creation of life.  It is only what followed the serendipitous synthesis of the first self-replicating molecule some 4 billion years ago.  Evolution is not "out there."  In fact, it is the extremely simple, understandable, inevitable process that must occur if life is to persist.  Whether there is life beyond Earth, which I personally doubt; and if it experiences reproduction and death, it, too will almost certainly evolve. Evolution HAS always taken place, IS taking place, will ALWAYS take place, MUST take place, and cannot NOT take place until all life is extinguished with the inevitable death of the Sun and the ultimate consequence of the Second Law of thermodynamics - entropy.

That, Dale, was beautiful

I consider "The Big Bang" to be part of the Evolution Theory.

I consider "The Big Bang" to be part of the Evolution Theory.

Then, frankly, you don't know what the fuck you are talking about.

The theory of evolution ONLY addresses how life transforms over time.  It doesn't address the beginning of the universe, which has to have preceded life.  It doesn't even address how life originated.

Now, evolution and the big bang are both part of a naturalistic, secular worldview.  The big bang is part of that.  But you don't get to name that ENTIRE thing "evolution."  That's what the creationists do, so they can crap all over all of it.  And they look like ignoranuses (not a typo) doing so.  Don't make the same mistake they do.

As someone else stated, the "Big Bang Theory" is Cosmology and I know that. I also know that the "Theory of Evolution" regards Life transforming over time, but if you really think about it, the Big Bang could very well be a part of Evolution, in the sense that, the universe was evolving/transforming to make life possible. I know they are two different theories, but it's just my personal thinking on the matter.

You might draw that commonality between the two...but that doesn't justify considering the one a subset of the other.  Particularly in this direction.  Because evolution's mechanism is totally different and an essential part of that theory.  Since the Big Bang doesn't "select" for "survival fitness" amongst populations of things, it cannot be evolving.  It can have created a universe that changes over time, but that universe would be (and is) doing so for totally different reasons.

You want a word that means "changes over time."  But "Evolution" means a LOT more than just that, so it's a mistake to apply it to things that ONLY have that property out of all the things that it means.

Consider:  Would it be proper to say that you are not only a product of evolution, but have personally have evolved in a Darwinian sense since your birth?  If not, then why not, after all, you, like the universe, which you claim should be labeled as having "evolved," have gone through a lot of changes.

but if you really think about it, the Big Bang could very well be a part of Evolution,

Oh, you mean in the sense Carl Sagan meant in the original Cosmos episode that started with something like "If you want to REALLY make an apple pie from scratch, you need to first create the universe."

If that's what he means, it's still wrong.

The prerequisite or precondition to something, can't be part of that something.

Though living biological things contain molecules the jury is still out on whether molecules are sufficient to create life until
abiogenesis is accomplished in a test tube.
Therefore evolution is just a fragile theory and a bearded man in the sky did it!!!

Yes, because an all-powerful invisible sorcerer spirit is always the most likely explanation unless you can prove otherwise.

There hidden things in this universe undetected by the eye in fact 78% of it


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