Crazy Theist Discussion Post on Facebook: "Convert to Christianity or go to Hell!"

You foolish scientists, evolutionists, secularists, and non-Christians unwisely choose to ignore the Bible. But folks, the Bible is the SOLE truth and the SOLE way to heaven. No way around it. You can't try to distract Peter while you're in front of the heaven door, you'll just have to drop to hell and burn right next to your Satanist and Atheist friends. Turn now or you're dead!

(Check out how people dissed this troll here: )

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A troll indeed. A Poe, I'd say.
He started out with good arguments, but as usual, it led to circular reasoning, fear tactics, wishful thinking, logical fallacies, and lies. I was surprised he managed to work all of those in there.
Here's the thing. I can't make myself believe something. I either believe it or I do not. I realize that religious people feel that they MUST believe some things, so they go through a certain mental gymnastic to make themselves believe something when they don't. That kind of self-deception may come easily to believers, but I decline to participate in something so plainly dishonest.
Actually... [maybe I'm just lucky] but I seem to be UNABLE to believe in religious nonsense since I lost my faith about 4 years ago.
First Class ticket to Hell, please.
Yes. Air Conditioned cabin. Thank you.
You know it is a plane to hell, because there is a kid kicking your seat the during the whole flight.
With or without bottled water?
I figure with the prince o' darkness at the wheel, the beverage would be some rot-gut Bourbon or that really cheap vodka that comes in half gallons.
Remember, according to a number of religious people, drinking is a sin (religion was at the core of the prohibition movement), so I'd think that Lucifer is going to have all the good booze in hell.
The water-to-wine miracle has hereby been censored.
It's now water to kool-aid.
Go on... drink the kool-aid....
From what I recall of communion in one of the churches I attended, it's water to grape juice now.

"Drink of this grape juice, for it is not fermented."


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