Crazy Theist Discussion Post on Facebook: "Convert to Christianity or go to Hell!"

You foolish scientists, evolutionists, secularists, and non-Christians unwisely choose to ignore the Bible. But folks, the Bible is the SOLE truth and the SOLE way to heaven. No way around it. You can't try to distract Peter while you're in front of the heaven door, you'll just have to drop to hell and burn right next to your Satanist and Atheist friends. Turn now or you're dead!

(Check out how people dissed this troll here: )

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Exactly what I was thinking! Why spend your life worrying or obsessing or in any other way focusing on what happens after you die, when 1. You won't really know until you actually die, and if you die you can't come back and tell anyone what happens. And 2. since it is "metaphysical" meaning science and logic can never provide enough evidence for it to make it plausible, why worry about it until the time comes?
No doubt!! The old [rather humorous] saying is "there are only two things in life you can't avoid, death and taxes." lol. But truly... death is as much a part of life as anything else. If you come into existence [not all creatures who die are born - miscarriages, abortions, bacteria that reproduce asexually] then you WILL die. The end. That fact is undisputed. My Great Great Aunt died last week at the age of 107. Granted, it is AMAZING that she lived that long, but it came as no surprise when she died in her sleep.
On the otherhand, sometimes death comes unexpectedly. My sister lost her 13-year-old best friend when the girl drowned in an appartment swimming pool. [She's still getting over that]

I do not fear my own death. Afterall death will take EVERYTHING from me, my life, my goals, my memories, my intelligence, my knowledge, my thoughts, my emotions, my illnesses. Yet, I would be a liar if I said that I do not fear the deaths of the ones I love.

When I was a Christian I was taught not to fear ANY person's death or mourn it, as that person would go to heaven. I couldn't understand, until I became an atheist, why I couldn't help but feel frightened before hand and heartbroken afterward.
Now... I see these responses as natural.

Yes... there is no "proof" that "nothing happens after we die." But that is surely a simpler idea than the idea of "eternal life in heaven."
[Occam's Razor states that "In general, the simplest answer is the best." Therefore, until further evidence for the extraordinary claim of life after death [Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence], it is best that we follow Occam's Razor on this one, and assume that nothing happens after death.

When I first considered this possibility, it was VERY scary! But it isn't so much when you think about it!
All the painful memories and chronic pain and illness [mental or physical] that you carry through your life will be taken away from you. SURE! You WON'T be given happiness/ vengance/ rewards in return, but you won't care! In fact, if the atheist idea of death is correct, you WON'T EVEN REALIZE YOU'RE DEAD!!
And finally,
I have discovered in recent months that Eastern cultures have some ideas on death I rather like. Instead of focusing on the negative aspect of separation that Western culture does, many Eastern cultures [particularly Buddhism - an atheistic religion I am particularly fond of] view death as a positive process of "becoming one with the Earth and the Universe." This can actually be viewed in a completely naturalistic way! When you die, your body becomes part of the Earth again, the nutrients of your body feeds life, and you eventually become part of the Earth, as soil.
Apparently... this idiot doesn't realize that you have to die to go to "heaven" too... lol.
'Turn now or you're dead.'
It has to be a Poe, but you just know there is at least one batshit-crazy person out there that actually believes that.
There's a difference between igoring the Bible and recognizing that it's a load of piss.
Don't you just love how these wackjobs tend to ignore that difference. I think it's because the can't debate us adequately if they recognize this difference. It lends us the advantage more often than not, and leaves them trailing in the dust.
Exactly! In fact... ironically, many of us atheists know more of the bible than most theists do! [That's probably why we tossed in in the philosophical trash bin, so to speak.]
Any argument against their point of view is seen as an existential threat. Doubt will lead to loss of faith and that will lead to an eternity of torture. So it is not surprising that they refuse to see the argument on its actual terms.
BTW... You can't get to this link anymore. The highly rational moderaters of the group this post was put in found this post and others like it and blocked the author, because he was harrassing other members of the forumn. ^_^
Well I have seen the people these believers say are doomed to go to hell and they themselves are going to heaven with the rest of the suckingup to god people,let me go to hell and rename the thing into heaven. Its what you make of it.
Dear Crazy Theist: Allah will get you for turning people away from Islam.
If all my friends will be there in hell, Why would I want to go to heaven where I will know no one?


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