Crazy Theist Discussion Post on Facebook: "Convert to Christianity or go to Hell!"

You foolish scientists, evolutionists, secularists, and non-Christians unwisely choose to ignore the Bible. But folks, the Bible is the SOLE truth and the SOLE way to heaven. No way around it. You can't try to distract Peter while you're in front of the heaven door, you'll just have to drop to hell and burn right next to your Satanist and Atheist friends. Turn now or you're dead!

(Check out how people dissed this troll here: )

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Nope! Satan's EVIL Flight atttendants serve you lots of peanuts... but there's not water! * Oooh!*
Scary torture! Making you thirsty for a flight to the center of the earth!
[That's where I heard Hell is... guess it makes sense... it is pretty hot down there.]
Those tiny airline cups filled to the top with ice... that's my personal hell.
This is much to common and it feels more like a flame war between different brands; the level is extremely low. He is saying that you have to believe in the Bible, because otherwise you will go to hell. But how are we going to believe something without any evidence, are they insane!?

Actually he's saying two things at once...
if we don't believe we are going to
1. Go to Hell "you'll just have to drop to hell and burn..."

But he seems a little vague at the end... suggesting that
2. We're going to die if we don't believe... "Turn now or you're dead!"
Its understandable that people say they "believe in God" but can a religious person actually even PROVE that he DOES believe in God before he becomes so fired up about preaching all about the bible. Otherwise he's just blowing hot air.
I don't think so... most of them [when confronted with the "prove it" statement that they use on us all the time] get all flustered and either 1. avoid the question while giving you "the stink eye." 2. Answer back with another question, usually one that is accusatory in nature and not meant to be answered. 3. [the nicer ones are more likely to do this] Tell you that "you cannot know that God exists by your senses alone, it is a matter of faith." or 4. Refuse to answer the question and dismiss you as "an idiot who will never understand.
Because of this, it seems clear to me that most religious people don't know how to answer this question.
Lets pretend your right, you don't want to spend an eternity with a guy like me anyway so.... as a servant of the lord, your time would be spent more wisely on converting impressionable, weak-minded folk who need theology for a moral compass, as for us atheists, most of us have an IQ in excess of 125 and have no need for a bearded sky fairy scare us into conformity. 90% of nobel prize laureates are atheist, and yet only .02% of federal prison inmates are atheist. So, as an atheist I must call a spade a spade. "When you understand why you don't believe in any other god, then you will be able to understand why I don't believe in yours."- Christopher Hitchins
Aww... I'm a "stupid atheist." [My IQ says I'm 116... sob... but since I'm autistic... it's hard to tell what it really is.] lol.
I just got a correction from my mom... I'm actually about a 125 - 127 IQ... she doesn't know where I got the "116" from.
"But folks, the Bible is the SOLE truth and the SOLE way to heaven. No way around it."

Also, leprechauns keep telling me to start fires.
LOL! I just fell out of my chair laughing!
Also... about the bible being the truth...

The Bible says that bats are birds, that unicorns are real, and that a race of giants was created by angels having too much fun with human women.

Afterall, bats really are birds... the devil just puts fur on them and makes them give live births to lead us silly mortals astray!



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