Counter Protest Signs for the Westboro Baptist Church

It seems that the WBC is coming here to protest the deaths of our two firemen in Webster. I am looking forward to going out with some signage since I am off for a few days.

I know there are numerous pictures of counter protest signs on the Internet, but I was hoping to show up with a few fresh ideas if any of you had some. I had a few thoughts:

"I Believe in Crazy"
"<-- WBC, Allowed to Reproduce"
"Teach Your Children Well"
"<-- Do Unto Others, I Forget the Rest..."
"God Hates White Zin"

Any ideas, if you are saving them up for your own local protest, I'll understand ;^)

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Ski masks and rubber hoses.

We had plenty of pictures here but I can't find the blog. I will search later. One TA member was here

"Fred Phelps wears adult diapers."

"Shirly Phelps has herpes"

"Rejoice, for jesus rots!"

God loves pie!

Fred Phelps, Cryptkeeper!

Look! Free Nuts!

HaHa found it. This is great. Kudos to Jason in video 1.

"Inbreeding = intolerance"

"God just hates"

"Bellevue called - your cot is ready"

I think you should surround their protest with a wall of counter-protestors holding larger signs filled with facts about the natural word and refutations of their beliefs. 

Did you know that WBC believe they are the only humans who can be raptured?  So they go out and spew this hatered, not with the intent to "save" others but really just to revel in their righteousness and shit on the rest of us irredeemable fecks.  Also, controversy brings in donations from like-minded Christzombies.

Dear Jesus, Please Rapture the Phelps ASAP!

Would the Phelps, 'at the right hand of the father', be a welcome addition to 'God's court?

Such a group could tax 'the father' out of a billion years of growth, or send him to the seventh level of hell, to get some peace!

God would be like "just sit over there and shut your big mouth, you moron"

I have a somewhat tongue-in-cheek theory that the Rapture did indeed happen May 21 of last year as Camping predicted, and that all those favored by doG did indeed get raptured.  "But no one disappeared that day!" you say?  Exactly!

As I read parts of the bible, I was of the impression that only 144000 of the elect would be raptured. If so, would we even notice out of the ~7 billion. A few cars emthy, a few jobs not finished, a few sick people disapearing from their hospital beds, etc, hardly a statistical blip.


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