Possibly a deist god?

Please note, I am not saying that this does prove a god, I am simply asking a question. I am concerned about this particle being referred to as "The God Particle". 

Why is it called The God Particle? Is this an attempt to be very misleading or is there some other reason it was called this?

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I've heard of anal retentive. Are you a urethral retentive?

Apparently not.


I'm an atheist because I have no faith in a deity, I'm not an atheist because science has proven that there is no god, nor am I awaiting the scientific evidence that a deity does not exist. 

You as a theist should await such evidence as you do not hold the "null hypothesis" on this issue, you are trying to shift the burden of proof to the atheists which of course is ridiculous.

I'm not saying that (your) god(s) does not exist, my position as an atheist is simply a lack of belief in god(s). So, what double standard are we really talking about, spell it out for me if you want. Let's be clear about things before we start to criticize each other on our assumptions of the other's position.


None of us are threatened by the question.  Some of us ARE disgusted by the lack of intellectual integrity with which the likes of you approach the answer.

Ok, here's constructive - if you won't offer any evidence for the existence of your god, and suggest it is up to me to prove that your delusion doesn't exist before I regard it without merit, then why don't YOU tell me why you don't believe in invisible pink unicorns?

Although they weren't invisible, there actually WERE two pink unicorns aboard the ark - unfortunately for their lineage, their names were Adam and Steve --

So, as I expected, no answer.  You maintain that your skyfairy is a logically valid hypothesis, even with a complete lack of evidence, yet won't even engage the invisible pink unicorn.

If you won't even engage the invisible pink unicorn - then why should any of us have you engage our lack of belief in your skyfairy?

The answer, of course, is your complete lack of intellectual integrity.

Question, brindle, from whence comes your impression (call it knowledge if you like) that there IS a god - the Bible?

Could you please name the particular laws of science that tell us that 'everything has a beginning'? That sounds to me more like a philosophical argument than a scientific law.

Secondly, could you explain why you have discounted the possibilities of infinitely regressing causes and/or the decoupling of cause/effect past the horizon at which we can be certain that time coincides with space?

What law of science says that abiogenesis is impossible?  What about information from non-information?

@brindle - First, I wouldn't have asked for your opinion if I didn't want it, and secondly, if you incur more wrath, while I can't speak for anyone else, it won't come from me.

I DO wish you had started a new paragraph, or whatever they're called, as we're out of reply buttons.

RE: "The laws of science tell us that everything has a beginning.  Information cannot come from non-information or life from non-life."

You began your premise with two incorrect statements - hardly a good start - first, there are scientific theories that the Universe has existed forever in one state or another, and even if that were ultimately proven not to be true, your statement itself implies that if everything has a beginning, then your creator/designer falls into that category - what has science to say about his/her/its beginning?

And secondly, all indications are that life did indeed arise from non-life - from a combination of amino acids. The features you attribute to a "designer" arose quite naturally through the process of evolution.

Your serve --

BTW, you're keeping me from mowing my lawn - how could I be wrathful at anyone who does me that kind of favor?

Oboy --

I gonna go mow the lawn now --

The laws of science tell us that everything has a beginning.  Information cannot come from non-information or life from non-life.

Which particular laws are those? None are coming immediately to mind.

If life cannot come from non-life, then explain how any life exists!


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