Possibly a deist god?

Please note, I am not saying that this does prove a god, I am simply asking a question. I am concerned about this particle being referred to as "The God Particle". 

Why is it called The God Particle? Is this an attempt to be very misleading or is there some other reason it was called this?

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The laws of science tell us that everything has a beginning.  Information cannot come from non-information or life from non-life.

Which particular laws are those? None are coming immediately to mind.

If life cannot come from non-life, then explain how any life exists!

So you can follow evidence after all, :D

As zingers go Heather, you outdid yourself --http://api.ning.com/files/uso0NvsEja148qMhgTl5tcWI-occJ79jQ2Z-m*UHkmJUfwm0R4ANrFKHS2jyJmoRHF13Bsf5ewFRdxSMCaNajbLQIZ2nJ5s4/icon_roflmao.gif

What? Why why why would this have anything to do with the existence of a god? Seriously. Why? 

They are calling it "The God Particle". I'm not saying that it is, but I'm trying to understand why it would be called this. 

Oh - well - in that case ... If the 'God particle' proves the existence of God, then the planet Neptune proves the existence of the Roman god of the seas. It's just a nickname - and a bad one.

Karen - You're gonna be SO sorry - Jupiter, aka, Zeus Pater (Zeus the Father) gets really pissed when you pass him over to acknowledge old FishFace --

I'm a native (and currently displaced) Seattlite, which makes me a Mariners-Seahawks-Sounders fan. *sigh*  So, naturally, I went for the water guy.

There's nothing like the Puget Sound. It has that effect on people.

Jupiter will get you for that --

hell no!

It was originally called 'the Goddamn particle' in the book by Leon Lederman(now a nobel laureate ) in the book titled the same, it was changed to 'the God particle' by the editors of the same book and the name stuck.


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