So I'm working at a job that I love and am really good at!! Yaay! It gives me a pretty good work/life balance with unlimited income potential...

But there's a lot of corporate bulldogs. I want to confront them. I almost did, but my manager stopped me. He said to let him fight those fights for me and that I need to basically back off and just do my job. (He said it a lot more eloquently and respectfully), but I know he wasn't happy with me.

I guess I'm wondering for those who have played this same sort of game:

Is it better to shut up and keep your head down?

Or is it better to stand up for what you believe no matter what the consequence? 

Unfortunately, the consequence if I had pressed on would have been for my BOSS to get fired. That is what he said. So I backed off. I don't give a rats ass if they fire me. Let them!! Bring it on! But no...he said they would fire HIM even though he had nothing to do with my decision. 

It's hard for me to stand back and watch how they treat their sales managers like shit. And my sales manager sheilds me from most of it....I feel like someone need to put them in their place! 

Or am I in the wrong?

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This is short on details on just what these bulldogs did to make you mad.

Basically: I am in sales. And I sell pre-need funeral/cemetery arrangements. I'm about to make a HUGE sale in the cream of the crop cemetery in the entire region. If all goes through well my commission check will be over 10 grand!. 

This ONE manager is trying to sabotage it. He has a reputation for doing that. One would think he would be fired since our company values are respect, integrity, service excellence and enduring relationships?....but no. He's untouchable because he makes the company money.

So my manager is trying to keep me from being under the heat. But I'm like NO FUCKING WAY!!! They're just letting him treat people that way?

Very cut throat environment.

Is he trying to sabotage it so that HE can make the sale and collect that commission?


So, if I understand it, Manager A, your immediate manager, is trying to keep Manager B (someone above him in the food chain) from screwing with your sale.

I wonder what Manager C (perhaps, the owner of the company) would think if it were to become clear to him that B's success really belonged to his underlings.

Document everything, all the work you've put into this sale.  Then...if B steals it from you, go to C.

Managers C D E F etc already know and dont care. Thats the problem
If this sale is worth 10k, why not chat to shitty manager about his helping you and you giving him 2k of the 10k in appreciation. Not only might he start to help instead of hinder, but it may help you going forward.

Once you've got a few sales under your belt, renegotiate or say the deal is over.
My manager told me not to get into it. I wanted to set up a meeting with him and my manager said, "If you move forward with this, I am resigning." He told me to never pull anything like that again, when I tried to set up a meeting. I figured he would have been out of the middle. He didnt like that. At all. If I wasnt doing such a damn good job at making him look good he might have fired me.

My manager told me not to get into it. 

1. don't get into it. Your boss is right! [unless]

2. My usual response to sales schemes is cynicism. I hope I'm wrong but this could actually be their standard business practice - let the underlings do all the grunt work then the managers pick up all the big commissions. Your manager may well be picking up the earned commissions of some of "Manager B's" underlings as well. If you don't pick up this sale, and, if your boss says, "I tried to go to bat for you but, at this point there's nothing I can do", then you've been had. They might let you make enough small sales to earn a subsistence living just to keep you on-board You'll do the grunt work with the carrot of huge "potential" commissions which you'll never get (because of things "beyond their control").

Again - sorry for the cynicism. I hope I'm wrong.

Welcome to why I shy away from sales work, especially when metrics are used (which is just about always). It turns everyone into a shark.

Yeah, but what other job is going to pay me 10 grand for about 6-8 hours of work (and no, I do not have the body to be a high end escort. I know that's what you would have said ;)

High end escorts CAN make that kind of money but I know you well enough not to think you would go for that. But I wouldn't have seriously suggested it anyway. 

Typically, 10 grand for 6 or 8 hours work isn't how to look at it because it doesn't figure in the many hours you spent without making that kind of money. I'm sure 10 grand would help a lot, though. I assume you have a base. How safe is your job if you lose this sale. Ask your boss that before you go ahead and shelter him.

Anyway, now you know whom you're working for. 


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