So I'm working at a job that I love and am really good at!! Yaay! It gives me a pretty good work/life balance with unlimited income potential...

But there's a lot of corporate bulldogs. I want to confront them. I almost did, but my manager stopped me. He said to let him fight those fights for me and that I need to basically back off and just do my job. (He said it a lot more eloquently and respectfully), but I know he wasn't happy with me.

I guess I'm wondering for those who have played this same sort of game:

Is it better to shut up and keep your head down?

Or is it better to stand up for what you believe no matter what the consequence? 

Unfortunately, the consequence if I had pressed on would have been for my BOSS to get fired. That is what he said. So I backed off. I don't give a rats ass if they fire me. Let them!! Bring it on! But no...he said they would fire HIM even though he had nothing to do with my decision. 

It's hard for me to stand back and watch how they treat their sales managers like shit. And my sales manager sheilds me from most of it....I feel like someone need to put them in their place! 

Or am I in the wrong?

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@Unseen: Yes 10 grand in a single paycheck would be amazing.

Truthfully, MY job is pretty secure. They rarely fire people in my role unless we do something very stupid. They fire the sales managers much more often from what I've heard. 

And in regards to my income, I'm #1 in the entire market right now :) Beating people who have been at it for YEARS and I just started in April, haha!

Even if this one falls to the wayside I have a nice paycheck coming next month and plenty more opportunities lined up. 

My boss is a really good manager. VERY good at what he does. At first I didn't really trust him, but I do now. He's shown himself to be trustworthy in the sense of standing by me pertaining to the job. He's allowed me to bring my son with me to work when I didn't have anyone to watch him and even sat there and played legos with him....and said it was the "best part of his day."

He is a Christian and shares that openly but doesn't push it on me. But when it comes to doing his job he does it damn well. He can sell anything to anybody just by getting them to like him, lol...I have to be honest to say he is HOT as hell and I myself have a very hard time not showing my own attraction to him. He's a married man. OFF LIMITS!!! But we work VERY well together. Very well.....


Its a part of life, even if you are unaware of it.

Sometimes, someone has a connection you do not know about, are not privileged to know about...and you are sawing off a branch you are standing on.

Sales can be a pyramid scheme, and, if the money is good, and no one is asking you do do anything immoral, can play along....or, rock the boat and see who drowns.

If the sales manager in question (The "stealer") has a basis for his claim to the commision, perhaps his advertising is what drew in the client, it was his brother in law's family, it was a contact of his who lead to the call, may not know that.

The NATURE of the "sabotage" can be a clue too.  Does he lie about something, or, bring up a point that justifies it being his commission, or simply take it w/o an explanation, etc?

If your manager says HE'D be fired if YOU raised a stink...that raises some interesting questions as well.  

So, you could see if your manager could possibly fill you in on the office politics involved "so that you don't make this type of mistake in the future"...etc, so he might be ok filling you in on how it all works there.

What he DOESN'T say can be as telling as what he does.


Hm, good point TJ....The thing is I don't think I'll get fired and even if I do, I don't care. There's tons of options for me. It's BY FAR not the only thing I can do for work. I choose to do it because it allows me to work from home and make my own schedule and has an unlimited income potential, what's not to love? For me as a single Mom it's ideal...but if they fired me I wouldn't shed a tear.......

I do not want them to fire my manager. He is very good at what he does and I don't want them to go an hire some asshole off the street who thinks he is going to micromanage me, and that might happen if he never know what you are going to get!

Hi Belle, I assume by Corporate Bulldogs you mean the kind of ruthless person who stops at nothing to climb the corporate ladder, including bullying and intimidation? In a way, your manager is right, it's his job to manage you (and the others on your team) and part of that managing includes shielding you from the politics of the executives to allow you to focus on doing your job. I've been in jobs where my immediate manager wasn't very good at this and it results in distraction from the real work and getting sucked into the politics.

Sounds like your manager is doing their job as best they can. The best you can do is to do your job as best as you can. It will reflect well on you and your manager and maybe the bulldogs will cut them a little slack.

Typically, sales work uses metrics (aka "the numbers") to decide how worthwhile you are. Did you meet or exceed your quota? That aspect by itself makes sales a dog-eat-dog way of earning a living. If you want to work with nice people who will nurture and help you, get out of sales. In the sales department, it's the jungle: every person for him/herself. You might get some help for a couple months by a manager who wants to expand his sales force, but if you don't start producing, bye-bye!

@ Unseen, yes I am number one right now :) So I am in a good spot. However I am very new to the strike against me.

I think you are absolutely right Matt. Hearing your response resonated very true.......Thanks for that thoughtful response. It actually helped a lot to hear that from you ;)

No Problem Belle, my workplaces are a bit different than sales but ultimately, selling the product is end goal. Everywhere I've worked has had sales and marketing teams and it can result in alot of politics and people trying to push their own agendas on the other workers, in my case software engineers. A good manager will feed you a steady stream of work, negotiating priority with the various stakeholders. I imagine a sales manager would do basically the same thing.

@Mike Long: Yeah, you are right. My boss is right too........It has helped to bounce this off of you guys and get a different perspective. 

I'm a fighter and I get pissed when I see someone getting away with bullshit. It makes me want to go rip someone's head off. And i'm highly competitive. I almost tried to go have a meeting with this other manager with a reputation of sabotaging people and tell him he's going to back off and I will be selling at his facility and he's going to like it.......

I was out of line....

My manager was and is right. I'm going to sit down and shut up and let him do the driving on this one......

Good stuff, Belle. Make sure you still bring up your concerns with your manager whenever you feel the need.

One last thing, this would of been a perfect question for you should check it out.

Steve gave good advice. Document everything. 

If a manager interferes with you and your dealings with a 3rd party and a big commission you have two potential causes of action. One is of course against the interloper for tortious interference with contractual relations. The second is against the company itself if you have made it evident that you are the sales woman who hooked the fish. 

The problem is that you may lose your job if you do so. And the fact that you ,may be dismissed from your position out of retaliation for asserting your rights is probably not gong to be relevant unless you have a contract of employment.

So I'm working at a job that I love and am really good at!! Yaay! It gives me a pretty good work/life balance with unlimited income potential...

I don't give a rats ass if they fire me. Let them!! Bring it on! 

Can I just point out the cognitive dissonance of those two statements?

You've (finally) found a job that you love, and are good at, and that pays well, and that gives you a good life balance.   The only problem is that your job involves working with imperfect, sometimes annoying, sometimes selfish human beings.

Welcome to the real world.

Don't pick fights.  Learn the culture and norms and practices of your new environment, and how to work with (and around) those.  Listen to the people like your boss who are trying to be helpful.  Learn.

You seem to like sales, so think of your coworkers/managers as another group of people that you have to "sell" to, because in many ways that's what they are.  If you want to fight, gripe, etc., then do what the rest of us do and go out with friends for beers after work!


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