Today a friend's brother died in a car accident. The kid was 15 years old, he was speeding without wearing a seatbelt and it was raining. My friend has received a lot of support from the community, of course, mainly religous. I comforted her, but tried to remain silence at religous. But it is just that I cannot understand how a mind can say that it was "God's Will", or that "there is another angel in heaven". It is a tragedy, but it was the kid's fault, could have been avoided, if just this folks lived more in real earth rather than christian illusional earth/heaven. But it already happened and there is nothing to do, how does an atheist gets comfort where fairytales aren't a part of the game?

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I don't particularly believe I am entitled to be comforted at a time of grief.  Other species don't expect it.  Why should we?  I don't.

I coped with death by accepting its inevitability and moving on with what's left of my own life.

That being said, I would not criticize someone else's desire to seek comfort in their religion to assuage the pain of losing a loved one.  Their ignorance is a moot point at a time like that.  

I have had my share of tragic deaths in my family, and I made a point of NOT seeking solace in religion, which caused all my relatives to thereafter shun me, to my great joy.

Maybe it's just my peculiar, idiosyncratic personality, but I never sought comfort from anybody, and I never felt I had some special entitlement to receive it.  

Death is not only part of life, it is indispensable as a spur to evolution.

I think that all you can do is talk about the good times you or his friends and family had with him while he was alive and be thankful for that.  It's tragic, and there's nothing you can do to make it better, really. Only time can do that.  But just remembering that person, and maybe planting a tree in their name, or going out and doing a good deed that would have meant something to that person may help?  I feel that religious people draw out the grief by planning to see that person in heaven.  They never get closure.  If you picture the deceased person watching you all the time, how creepy is that???  


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