I always knew my brother-in -law was pretty cool. But today he, my wife and I were talking at our nephew's 1st birthday party. He brought up how a friend of his was talking to him about what he thinks death is like. My brother-in-law said that it's kind of hard to think about it sometimes, but he equates it to the state you're in before you're born. You didn't mind not being alive before, why would death be any different. We discussed related topics and theology eventually came up. That's when he said it... "I don't believe in God". Very open and honestly. Granted, he already knew I was an Atheist, but it was clear that this was sincere and that he had given this much thought. I had suspected as such for a time now, since he enjoyed borrowing my copy or Religulous so much (plus other signs). But having that confirmation was pretty cool to me. :)  Like my wife, his mom had sent him to Catholic school for a spell as well. But it seems that his smarts won out, and he'll rely on reason and evidence. Now it looks as though my wife and I may not be alone in making sure our nephew is properly informed through the years. Actually, one of his gifts today was They Might Be Giants' new CD/DVD "Here Comes Science".
All in all it was a good time and finding out this one fact was the icing on the cake.

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Awesome, James! I wish I could find more people like that in my life. I feel that many are on the verge of it, or at least on the verge of discovering the path that leads there. But they never follow through.
Good For you! There is no one in my life who is Atheist! LOL N I could care less! When the subject of religon or God comes up and only if someone wants my opinion, I kindly say " I am Atheist" (heehee) The looks on everyones face is priceless! HaHaHa! YOu can see that eveyone feels sorry for me. For one reason or another. The funny thing to me is I feel sorry for them, because I'm the one who is truely free. Some people even give that "OMG your going to hell look" Ahahahahahaha! What idiots they are!
Yup! He's watching plenty of movies now. So I got him the CD/DVD set in hopes that they'll actually play the videos for him. We got him plenty of other stuff as well though. :)
My sister is the only atheist I know personally.I wish I knew an atheist my age.
Have you looked for any Atheist or Freethinkers groups on meetup.com? Our monthly dinner meeting was tonight and it was a great time as always.
I never thought about that.I'll try it tomorrow.Thanks.


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