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I know why xtians walk around trying to convert people...as they are "commanded" to do so.  Why do atheists feel the need to do the same? One of the issues I have with organized religion is that whole thing about trying to convert someone.  If someone has a question as to why I am atheist..I will answer it.  However I will not be the one to push my views at them in an attempt to "convert" them.  Just curious :)

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Very true.  More often than not!

There are always some atheists who try to push their views on religious folk, trying to 'convert' them (which I think is the wrong word but for lack of a better one). This isn't, though, due to any sort of self-righteousness or need to feel smart.


From what I can tell, a lot of atheists may be very open about their views or try to push them on people because they feel that they are helping the greater good. If they see religious people, for example (and I am NOT saying all religious people do these things) being homophobic, denying scientific fact, or actually pushing their own beliefs on people, then an atheist may feel obliged to step in and point out the fallacies in their reasoning.


I also think a lot of the time people think atheists are 'pushing' their beliefs on religious people, when in reality they are just engaging in debate. Arguing a point of view and backing up your beliefs (or lack of beliefs, as the case may be) with evidence and reason is not the same as trying to convert someone. If I were to engage in debate and explain why I don't believe in a god or religion or the Bible, it's not the same as me telling somebody that they shouldn't be Christian or Jewish or whatever.


Of course, I think it's important to refrain from being pretentious or condescending in these debates, but they are an important part of learning.

I don't convert anybody but I will say something when I feel it effects my rights as an atheist.

That is how I feel about it :)

I don't ever bring up god but if someone throw religion in my face I don't hesitate to let them know I don't believe, and I'm always happy to let them know why if they are interested. I love it when they show up at my door sharing their faith...but for some reason they never stick around long, yet I try to be very friendly, after all we are all still brothers and sisters on this rock.


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